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10 Best Crosswords for Primary School Kids

Written by Elvis Boniface

With the advent of technology, it is quite natural for your child to overindulge in gadgets. It not only adversely affects their health but can also get them used to it. At this tender age of primary schooling, your child needs to indulge in something productive. If you are looking for a way to keep your child busy and do something inventive all the while, your search ends here with crossword puzzles. Read on to see how riddles can sometimes be the right solution themselves.

Why is crossword puzzle good for your kid?

Children tend to be hyperactive, always looking for a distraction. While there are plenty of toys and gadgets available today, none can teach them as much as crosswords can. It can prepare your preschooler kid to step into the real world, for when they enrol in a school. Here are a few reasons why crosswords are right for your kids:

·          Help them in learning spellings

·          Improves their reading skills

·          Prepares the kid for giving tests

·          Improves thinking and processing time

·          Gives a boost to general knowledge on various topics

·          Guides their focus

·          Develops memory of the children

·          Allows you to bond with them

·          Improves observation power

What are the best crosswords?

1.   Fruit puzzle:

Every child loves fruits, for they are tasty, colourful, and healthy too. It can be an exciting task for them to learn the names of different fruits while they have it. The puzzle has the picture of each fruit, where the child can start guessing from. They also give the first letter of each grain as a clue for the tiny tots.

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2.   Shape names:

We are surrounded by shapes which your child can learn through this fun puzzle. There are so many shapes, much more than we can commonly identify. The crossword has pictures of different ways, from which the child can guess to complete it. Besides that, there are few letters given as clues for them to guess it right.

3.   Animal name puzzle:

Although the animal world is vast, with many classes of animals, these crosswords can help any child to remember them. You can pick anyone from reptiles, mammals, birds, or primates to discuss with your kid. Use sounds the animals make or create stories around them to engage the children and spend quality time with them.

4.   Food names:

It is an exciting puzzle about food that your kid will love solving. The crossword has pictures of tasty food items which have a number written along with them. Your kid can quickly identify them, guess them, and try to fill its name in the boxes. The fun activity can help them know different foods, and you can tell them the benefits of these foods as they go solving it.

5.   Guess the colour:

The colourful world that we reside in is fascinating to kids. A colour puzzle can be an engaging way to keep them occupied. The problem has a few unique images of different colours from which your kid can guess the colour. They have to write the names of colours in the boxes. This crossword can make learning an exciting experience for them.

6.   Christmas puzzle:

Christmas is the happiest time of the year, especially for children. While they learn a lot from the festival, how about if they learn terms associated with it. This puzzle has a lot of terms related to Christmas and the traditions around it, for your child to learn and give you time to bond.

7.   Sports puzzle:

If your child favours playing more, this crossword can be an amazing way to help them learn. It has everything from common games like golf, tennis, basketball, to unique ones like polo and fencing, which can give the children a chance to get acquainted with the world of games. It can give them a boost to indulge in sports, even if they don’t already.

8.   Music puzzle:

We have never seen a child who doesn’t like music. These little maestros have a lot of fun creating their old melodies. With this puzzle, you can give them a chance to learn about musical instruments, and you may even provide knowledge about how to play them.

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9.   Guess the month’s name:

Learning spellings can be something that your runs away from, although they need to know how to spell the months. With this crossword, all your child needs to do is unscramble the letters and then fill them in the boxes. It will help them know the months and learn their spellings. 

10.   Transport puzzle:

While your child can witness many conventional modes of transport while you are out, they are many more which are unknown to them. They can identify all of these modes of transportation through this exciting puzzle. It will open up a world of rockets and submarines to them, giving wings to their imagination.

The world of crosswords and puzzles can be an enriching experience for your children. It gives them a chance to learn and evolve, along with having fun all the time. You can even include them in helping you solve puzzles in the newspaper, and if you feel stuck, you can find crossword 911 solver  online as well. 

Author Bio:

Rebecca Siggers is a Teacher and passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the Kids learning activities, Parenting tips, effects of Puzzles and Crosswords all around the globe. She has been working as a freelance writer for quite some time now. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help kids grow their mental skills.


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