2019 Education Budget, a Reflection of Buhari’s Prudency

Written by Akeem Alao

Many will argue that education is vital to the growth and development of a nation. It is expected that the sector receives a larger percentage from the national budget. While it is so in many countries, it has always received little attention in Nigeria.
The attention given to education by the current administration puts its commitment to the sector to question.
If the National Assembly approves 2019 budget, the sector will receive a miserable percentage of 5.23% as against the recommended 26% by the United Nations. Despite the marginal difference between the 2018 and 2019 allocations, it is still below the minimum benchmark recommended by the UN to be devoted to education.
When contacted by edugist to solicit his views on the 2019 budget and the current industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, the renowned classicist, Dr Oladoyin Odebowale, justified the percentage on Mr. President’s prudent spending.
“Oh! It is obviously low. The issue is about prudent management of scarce resources. I have my doubts about the sincerity of the administrators at all levels,” he said.
In his reaction to ASSU’s industrial action, Dr Oladoyin expressed his doubt over the sincerity of the leadership of the association. He said, “ASUU has a right to embark on an industrial action. The issue is about genuine commitment to the avowed principles on which the agitation is based. I have my doubts about this current ASUU. It does not seem to have an opinion on the atrocities perpetrated by its members during NUC accreditation. It is guilty of equivocation. Its members grant “Full Accreditation” to most institutions after receiving gratifications and outright bribes from administrators. They compromise standards only turn round to disturb our peace with eloquent hypocrisy. Once the “earned allowances” are paid, they suspend the strike until they get broke again”

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Akeem Alao trained as a language teacher. He graduated from Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education where he studied English/Yoruba Languages and Ekiti State University where he obtained a degree in English Education.

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