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4 Tips for Students to Kick out Procrastination

Written by Elvis Boniface

Procrastination is the deferment of an action for a later time. It is the avoidance of task that could be achieved easily now. On a social level, it has mixed remarks and reviews by the people. Few comments positively in its favor and rest label it as ‘negative disposition’. In the urbanized cultures with a mish-mash of modernization, the time has infinite value. A person who uses time wisely in modern society is entitled as ‘productive’ and the one who fails to comply with the norms is titled as ‘less productive’. Since, our lives have become bombarded with luxuries and ease-of-life, completing personal and professional tasks has been hard-nut to crack.

We, in fact, are prone to avoiding necessary tasks and routine work that lead us to despair, frustration and mismanagement. It won’t be incorrect to say that ‘Procrastination is the postponement of the misery’. It’s certain, on the other hand, that more we procrastinate the more we will become susceptible to energy drain, discomfort, pessimism and distractedness.

Did you ever realize, ‘Why we procrastinate? Why procrastination is overwhelming that it takes a considerable amount of time in overcoming the flaw?’ Although, you have already broken the insurmountable and huge projects successfully into easily manageable smaller tasks, and still your productivity and results suffer most. Well, it can be anything. Possibly, you could be a victim of fear of failure, it can be laziness, maybe, you are a self-centered perfectionist or you willfully underestimate the time commitments.

1- Maintain Schedule 

Develop the habit of maintaining a schedule where you could designate a specific time for each activity. This way, you could be able to manage loads of activities easily without facing the fear of late submissions, overstepping deadlines or etc. Scheduling is also essential because it takes productivity to the next-level as well.

Keep a schedule and adhering to it religiously will make a significant change in your academic outlook and personal life. Bear in mind, in the beginning, it’ll feel irksome to follow a schedule but stay determined as you will become accustomed to it and saving yourself from the malice of procrastination will be as easy as A-B-C.

2 – Break Big Tasks into Smaller Ones

Instead of working on bigger tasks altogether, the better strategy will be to break down big projects into smaller ones and deal each one separately. As such, it will be quite easy to concentrate on the given task and pave the path for the timely completion.

An effective way to overcome the procrastination even after you have broken the projects is to start with the important ones and come to the less important ones in the end. Subsequently, you will be able to overcome the bad habit of deferring key projects and your efficiency would soar greatly.

Breaking big tasks into smaller ones has lots of advantages. First, it will skyrocket persistence. Second, handling technical stuff gets easier and third, it lets you have time to plan in advance about the other topics at hand.

3 – Don’t Do Multi-Tasking 

Multitasking is unhealthy and distracts students. At this point, prioritization works magically. Dealing more than one task at hand decreases efficiency and increases cumbersomeness. Productivity is directly proportional to the amount of effective use of time. If you will manage time proactively, then you can produce maximum better results.

With the careful planning and hard work, getting results of one’s choice becomes incredibly attainable and easier. Instead of multitasking opt for unitasking and see your results going through the roof. Engagement is a cornerstone for banishing the ruthless procrastination from your work and school life so you should learn to plan effectively if you want to leverage from the single-tasking for the instantaneous improvement in the academic performance.

By eliminating multi-tasking, you will be at ease of ameliorating everything aspect of your college and high school. Single-tasking gets you the desired results because you don’t have to cope up the burdensomeness or work overload at all. Long story short, you will not have to look for expert essay writer for the preparation of work because you will be able to handle the projects convincingly by yourself.

4 – Get Rid of Unhealthy Addictions:

Addiction is a mental condition in which a person engages in unhealthy activity to pursue pleasure which has serious and detrimental consequences. Getting rid of baleful addictions is must if you are the constant target of procrastination unconsciously. A student can produce more results with the crystal clear vision and proper plan at hand. So, avoid getting into unhealthy addictions i.e. overeating, smoking, excess shopping etc.

At first, it may seem totally uncontrollable and impossible to ditch your ties with addictions, slowly but surely, you will hone in towards betterment and improvement which will ease up your transformation from being procrastinative to extremely proactive.


The most important thing which everybody should understand including you is the difference between delaying and procrastination. Delaying deliberately for positive future consequences is good, whereas, procrastinating habitually is awful and leads to mismanagement, haphazardness, and disorganization.

With the availability of well-planned schedule by breaking big projects into smaller ones and barring multitasking and unhealthy habits, students can stand out in the class and no hurdle could be able to stop you from accomplishing your educational goals. All 4 tips will surely bring positive improvement in your overall academic outlook by letting you polish innate capabilities and weeding out flaws. Last but not least, apply them carefully and kick out procrastination from your academic and professional life.

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