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5 Skills Needed for Business Intelligence

Written by Abigael Ibikunle

The thought of a career in the field of Business Intelligence can be thrilling and exciting. It is important to be well-aware of the basic abilities needed to hone it.

Here is a list of skills that having a master’s degree in Business Intelligence can provide you with. This can help you step foot in this potentially rewarding career path.


Data Analysis

One of the most important skills related to Data Analysis is using data to make better decisions. Candidates who are willing to take up business intelligence as a career, are expected to be good at examining many different sources of data. And then making accurate conclusions about the data available.



Besides analysing data, business intelligence involves creating business strategies. And solving real-world business problems with that data. Analysts in this field must be proficient in extracting actionable insights. That is, insights from specific data that need to be visualised and presented during a meeting.


Industry-specific knowledge

Candidates are expected to have a solid grasp of the industry’s dynamics. Specifically the areas of the field that you are looking to work in. To become an expert in this industry, you must work towards increasing your ability to connect data with business problem-solving.


Communication skills

Effective communication skills are an important aspect. It will help communicate your findings effectively to the other professionals you will be working with. Although back-end BI professionals do not need to communicate quite as much. If you are working in front-end, you will be responsible for communicating technical concepts to non-technical individuals.


Detailed-oriented observation

Advanced vision and attention to detail comes by the very nature of business intelligence. A career in business intelligence is incredibly detail-oriented. In most cases, you will have to often work with the smallest fragment of information. Particularly with the objective of turning it into actionable insight.

As a BI analyst or developer, you are expected to possess a great deal of forward-thinking vision. And of course, the ability to pay very close attention to detail. Which is needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of business intelligence.


Business Acumen

Finally, as obvious as it may sound, the above-mentioned set of business intelligence skills is but hollow. Especially if not filled in with some passion for business itself. In order to thrive in a business intelligence career, you will need to possess an in-depth understanding of a company’s business model.

All these skills combined will instil in you the ability to tailor your efforts to gain maximum value from your key performance indicators. As well as make strategic decisions that will help your organisation succeed on a continual basis.

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