5 Top Proven Tips to Become Financially Successful In Nigeria

Written by Elvis Boniface

As we know, majority of Nigerian graduates are in the streets, busy looking for miracle jobs. Some students don’t want to graduate for fear of the supposedly bleakness outside, and of concern is; our educational system is not well structure to instil in people appropriate employability skills and self-reliance. As one who studies, teach, and run a small business, I want to highlight to you some major tips people don’t really consider but are vital to making it financially in Nigeria.

 Have a skill

I see most people moving about with without any skill….Some even go cap it with Msc from Uk or wherever but Unfortunately, they were not taught that employers don’t pay you for a certificate….they pay u for the value you can add to an organization! Now, let me ask you sincerely…Do you go to the market to buy what you don’t need? If you were the employer, would you employ a “valueless” staff?

 Create a product/service

Create a product or service and charge a fair rate….even if you will still go look for a job. Make sure you carry a solution to someone’s problem (could be a potential employer or end-user). Exchanging your time for money is a short term strategy…Don’t ever rely on that as your income. Your skill is the only thing that would guarantee a continuous flow of income.

Save as if your life depends on it

Listen my friend; to arrive too soon is to arrive too small. Don’t be moved by the pressure to look like the Jokes and the dejis. Live within your means. Paying bills without paying yourself is the number 1 secret to financial suicide. There will always be a reason not to save…so do save, save and save at every opportunity you have.

Invest Wisely

A fool and his money would soon part ways. Avoid funny schemes. Run away from “Get rich quick programs”. High yield investment programs come with high yield of loss and disaster. Your race is a marathon and not a 100meters dash. Seek to understand the dynamics of investment before getting involved.

 Know God

Understand that there is an infinite intelligence that oversees the affairs of the Universe. That you and I have his spirit within us and we can achieve a lot more than we are achieving if there is an alignment with this source. That he that dwells on our inside has no religion or skin colour. That he hears our deepest thoughts and aspirations. Share your thoughts with him, whatever you conceive him to be and I am sure he will strengthen your desires.

Are there people here who have tested similar principles and would like to share or add to these ones…kindly go ahead.

Stay inspired!

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