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7 Fun Activities to Engage in as a Freshman on Campus

Written by Elvis Boniface

University life can get repetitive, monotonous, and boring at times. You wake up- go to class- attend lectures-write papers. And you wait for the weekends to realize that you did not do anything during weekends at all.

It does demand a bit of effort, planning, and structuring. So, why not use your weekends to call in your mates and do something a bit different from the usual? Like going on a camping or visiting the beach on a Sunday evening. After all what we cherish the most are those memories!

So here is a list of fun activities for you and your friends to engage in apart from academics. So, say goodbye to the daily old routine and cheers to some fun inspirations!

1.  Relax at Beach:

If you stay in an area where there are beaches all around you, take advantage now! Switch to tops and shorts, call your pals and take a dip in the cold ocean. Go surfboarding or simply relax with your close friends. If you don’t know any water sports, this is a great time to learn something new!

2. Hit up a stand-up comedy show:

No- No, I’m not talking about those big-budget extravagant sell-out arena tours! There might be a whole bunch of some brilliant affordable comedy shows (sometimes which are also FREE) right next to your student accommodation. All you have to do is google up stand-up comedy near your area to find those hidden gems!

3. Go for Camping!

Camping is one of the best recourse for someone who wishes to escape everyday life pressure.

Pack your bags and just go on a camping tour! Not only is it the best stress buster, but it is also proven to benefit mental health greatly!

Moreover, the need to pull together when pitching, collecting firewood or cooking the evening meal encourages a feeling of team spirit. So, heading out with new college buddies can be the key to making new friends for life.

4. Visit Sky Bar:

Now let’s be clear, Sky Bar isn’t known for being cheap, but you should be able to get a minimum of 2 drinks within 20 quid. So, dress up all nice, sip fancy cocktails while enjoying the panoramic city views! Plus, you will find many of the Sky Bars located quite close to student accommodation, so commuting also won’t be a problem.

5. Escape Rooms:

Escape rooms are also one of the best ways to get away from the university routine. Solve puzzles, riddles, and try to escape the room within an hour. Also, the more, the merrier, making it one of the fun activities to engage in. So, call your flat mates and friends and head out to your nearest escape room!

6. Go to an Event You’ve Never Attended:

The chances of nothing exciting happening in your city at any given point in time are pretty feeble. So, step outside your comfort zone, go out and participate in the event that you’ve never attended before.

7. Hang out in Your Residence Hall Lobby:

Your private hall residence lobby area might seem like a place that you pass through every day. But if you time it right, it can turn out to be proper relaxation haven! All you have to do is head down and enjoy your free time. You can either watch your favorite show on TV, meet new people or hang out with people you already know. This can be an excellent way to do something new in an already familiar place.


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