9 Things Every Corp Member Must Know About NYSC

Written by Elvis Boniface

As students all over the country rally around to pick up their letters for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Batch B program, I dig depth to bring these nine information to corp members as there embark on this journey to serve our Father land, Nigeria. These includes:

1. for individuals whose name came out in error list, please understand that your call up letter coming out is dependent on the type of error. Though we are expectant that the call up letters of you will be out. But if perchance out didn’t come out please do not panic, properly lodge your complaint so as to go by November.

2. corp members are warned to meticulously read through their call-up letters for there personal details and the rules governing their various camps. They also added that there is no room for mistakes in the camps. That means if you discover error in your call up letter, which is very rare, please kindly call to the attention of the officer that handed the letter to you. He or she will address you on the best step to take depending on the type of error. There are errors that make you look like an impersonator, because the call up letter has no passport. So kindly inform them to address the error.

3. Should you not see your call up number, please simply report to the officer in charge. But we pray you all will see your call up letters.

Please be very careful, when filling your details. Remember you will be given a unique code, please endeavor to quote it correctly when ever required. Please understand that, the number is very much important than your name, because is easier to identify you with it than your name.

5. Ensure that all the document you that your present in camp are correct and not contradicting in any way.
This includes the original copies of your

  • call-up letters;
  • statement of results/certificate issued to you by your institution,
  • eight recent passport photographs (those to join groups will require more),
  • a valid means of identification issued by your schools, and
  • the names in all the document should be same.

7. If a corp member should misplace the call up letter such person must go to a nearby police station to obtain a police report; go to court to get a sworn affidavit informing the general public that your call-up letter is missing; then go back to your school and write the appropriate quarters, informing them that your call-up letter is missing and that you have attached a police report and a sworn affidavit,then with your school initiate a re-validation to the NYSC for you to be re-mobilised for the next batch in November 2014.

8. It is an error to laminate your call up letter. This is because the NYSC officials writes on them.

9. for those who for one reason it the other didn’t report on a particular error they discovered when call up number was released. The truth is that, NYSC I’m a bid to curb errors developed the scheme if pasting pre-mobilization list followed for mobilization list. But if you didn’t take advantage of the correction scheme to correct it, kindly inform the officer attending to you. In some cases it will lead to the next batch. But make sure you explain to the officer.

To all corp members, good luck.

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