After Matriculation, What Next?

Written by Brownson Etimbuk

Matriculation is the formal process of entering a university, or of becoming eligible to enter after fulfilling certain requirements.

Within the past few days and the ones ahead, most of the Nigerian Universities will be having this ceremony called Matriculation for their first year students. The ceremony is always an exciting one for the students, parents and well wishers.

The big question however remains: what is next after Matriculation?

This article seeks to answer this question and possibly serve as a guide to the “freshers”.

1. Payment of school fees and departmental dues: For some schools, before you are qualified to matriculate, you must have paid your fees but for others, you can pay afterwards; but whichever is the case, fresher’s are advised to be very careful in the course of trying to make payment for school fees and departmental dues. Ensure you pay only at designated banks or offices and ensure to get receipts for every payment paid. Of course, do keep your receipts safely to avoid paying again in your final year.

2. Registration of courses: For schools who still do analogue course registration, most year one students find this a tough mountain to climb since you will be moving from one department to the other in different faculties to do your registration.

Take time to know all the courses you will be taking and do your registration accordingly of course at such times that you wouldn’t miss lectures.

3. Ability to attend lectures: This is like the greatest challenge most freshmen have especially in public universities, every freshman must strive to get a copy of lecture timetable and be able to locate lecture venues. Strive to attend lectures as this remains the number reason why you are in the university.
There will be temptation of sharing your time for lectures with other activities but don’t be swayed. Stay discipline and focus.

4. Temptation of joining associations and clubs: As a freshman, many associations, fellowships and clubs will lure you with the temptation of joining them. Be mindful of what association, fellowship or club you join. While some will be very helpful, others are just places for wasting your precious time and source of distractions.

5. Finding the right friends and study mates: Be very mindful of the company you keep as a freshman. Be wary of friends and associates that will distract you from the main reason you are in school-which of course is to study hard, pass your exams and make a difference in the world.

In all, don’t let the joy and frenzy of securing admission and matriculation make you loose focus, the grades you will graduate with are determined from day one.

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