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Athletic Activities @ Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School

Written by Akeem Alao

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. The night precedent to that morning had been blessed with torrential rain. So, the morning dawned with a gracious climatic clemency. The morning breeze was blissfully and deliciously cool. Under this serene atmosphere, pupils and teachers of Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School were seen beaming with pleasant felicity during the morning assembly conducted and coordinated by Mrs Charity Onabe and Julius Oregbesan, the Head Teacher. The rendition of the national and school anthems was smooth and hitch-free. It is conspicuous the pupils were glad to be in school today. They were increasingly eager to participate in the mental activity initiated by the coordinators, and at the same time obviously wishing the activity an abrupt end to move to the next activity. What’s that? You don’t know?  It is SPORTS.

The pupils of this great school are so enamoured of sports that every week, they fervently pray for the early arrival of Wednesday, our sports day.
Apart from the pecuniary benefits attached to athletic activities, there are innumerable benefits that one enjoys through one’s active participation. As a school that is highly committed to giving our pupils an array of opportunities to showcase their hidden potential, one of the ways we tend to achieve this is through co-curricular activities, in which sports play a vital role.

Pupils tend to get bored with the sedentary teaching and learning in the classrooms. Experiences have shown that after the fourth period in the class,the law of diminishing returns will set in. To them, whatever that transpires after the long break, except for some physical exercises, seems to be ponderous and pedestrian.
In the school, athletic activities, especially when embellished with sonorous songs, as practised in this school, always capture the interests of the pupils more than pedagogic activities. Even those who are addicted to visiting the toilets during classroom conditioning hardly seek permission to do either faecal or urinous activity. They have their minds buried in sports. That’s the power of sports.

Why do Pupils Need Sports?

It has been proven by medical experts that those who participate in sports grow healthier and stronger, contributing to lower obesity rates. Those who participate in sports tend to record low rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercising regularly through sports programmes contributes to better heart and lung function. As young ones, the pupils, with their strong participation in athletic activities, will grow to becoming more active adults.

Another enormous benefit the pupils stand to derive from sports is that they become sociable, friendly and gregarious. Athletes always savour precious moments; they have no dull moments. No wonder Segun Odegbami, opines that sports unite the whole world. In an academic environment, sports unite the pupils and create an atmosphere of bonhomie among them. They play together on the field.

Besides, sports promote mental alacrity. Most studies show that the more exercise one gets, the higher one’s mental faculties and cerebral performance. A tremendous improvement is noticed in the arithmetic performance of pupils who participate in sports.

Considering the benefits pupils derive from sports, what is the fate of schools which have no facilities for sports? At kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School, SPORTS is not compromise.

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Akeem Alao

Akeem Alao trained as a language teacher. He graduated from Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education where he studied English/Yoruba Languages and Ekiti State University where he obtained a degree in English Education.

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