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Basic Salary and Career Prospects of Shipping Management

Written by Abigael Ibikunle

Shipping management is one of those career paths that deal with international trade and commerce. This is because, as we all know, a huge percentage of the global trade is carried out through the sea routes. If you wish to work and travel onshore at the same time. Then a career in shipping management can be a good choice for you. Read on to find out the career opportunities that it holds, along with their lucrative salaries.

  • Port Manager (average annual salary €63,347) – Port managers typically engage in directing activities for dispatching. Routing and tracking the transportation of ships. They are considered as the point of contact for all workers on board. And are responsible for implementing transportation schedules or policy changes. They specialise in organizing and managing staff. And make sure that work is carried out according to organisational requirements.


  • Deck Officer (average annual salary €82,885) – Deck officers (also referred to as navigation officers) are an important part of the ship’s management team. They are accountable for making decisions on steering and navigating the ship. Controlling its direction and communications. It is mandatory for them to possess efficient team working skills. And possess the ability to direct and supervise a small team of subordinates. Additionally, you are expected to be highly proficient in handling the latest technological systems related to shipping.


  • Steward (average annual salary €23,832) – Stewards are accountable for overseeing the daily needs of the passengers and crew aboard the ship. Their primary responsibility is to maintain living quarters. Also to prepare and serve meals on a regular basis. In addition to being in charge of the comfort of the passengers. They are also accountable for keeping careful records of the usage of food, clothing and furniture.


  • Port Captain (average annual salary €73,765) – Port captains specialise in the preparation of a variety of ships that visit the docks. They also make sure that each ship contains the necessary equipment. And crew to safely perform specific mission. These professionals perform a wide range of duties. From human transportation to the shipping of goods. Their additional job responsibilities include:
  1. Monitoring for safety issues;
  2. Supervising ship captains;
  3. Scheduling maintenance;
  4. Inspection duties;
  5. Completion of all necessary documentation.


  • Associate Director Maritime (average annual salary €101,157) – Maritime associate directors work closely with professionals. Engaged in the specialisms involving transport, environment and water. They are responsible for leading the maritime team. By employing their effective leader to promote and deliver strategic objectives.Besides demonstrating a sound technical and commercial awareness. They should also possess the proven ability to effectively lead teams. And influence at senior levels. Furthermore, they may need to collaborate with key internal stakeholders and colleagues to achieve broader partnership.

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