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Andrezini Bespoke Furniture
3, Akintoye Street, Off Little Road, Yaba Central Business District, Lagos, Nigeria.

Andrezini Bespoke Furniture Limited is a local design company based in Lagos with a Global/ International perspective in modern contemporaries such as; interior designs, space management and interior & exterior projects, which provides our clients with a fresh insight and style into the world of interior design and custom furniture fusing with local material and best finish from other parts of the world to meet specific clients imagination and fantasy in terms of their various interior needs working with moderate to high budgets.

At Andrezini Bespoke Furniture our desire is to continually expand our wealth of local content creativity in designs for schools and diligence in executing projects to our ever present clients and observers who are unique with spotlight global feel of our various services.
+ (234) 8089206720