Chinese GS5 SUV hits Nigerian road

Written by Elvis Boniface

The Chinese are delving into the luxury car segment in Nigeria as Guangzhou Automobile Company has unveiled a new Sport Utility Vehicle, Trumpchi GS5, for the nation’s market.

The introduction of the GS5 by the GAC, a Chinese car manufacturer, is an indication that the Chinese are determined to score automobile goals from impossible angles.

This is coming when auto giants from Japan, German and the United States are still studying the recently introduced auto policy by the Federal Government aimed at encouraging local assembling of vehicles.

The GS5, according to its manufacturer, will be marketed in Nigeria by a subsidiary of the company, the CIG Motors.

The Chairman of the company, Mrs. Diana Chen, said in Lagos that the vehicle had been tropicalised and would be found suitable for the nation’s road.

She said the company spent one year conducting a research on the local market demand, road conditions and consumer preferences in Nigeria before introducing the car into the market.

She listed some of the features of the vehicle as the PEPS intelligent keyless entry, TPMS intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system, EPB electronic parking braking system, a DVD 1800 dual- screen wide-angle imaging system and a 3D intelligent vice navigation system.

Chen said, “We formed an alliance with Toyota and Honda and after 20 years of this joint venture, we started producing our Trumpchi brand independently.”

She said that the car, which was designed in Italy but built in China, would be competitive in the market.

She said, “In 2011, our car was used as a delegation car. Among the Chinese cars, our car dominates the top brands and this car is built for the elite.

“We have interest in the Nigerian market because it is a potential market for Japan and Korea cars; hence, we want to develop this market together with our competitors. “

Speaking on the company’s long term plan, she said, “If this market develops well, we intend to set up an assembling factory here. This is our long term project but for the short term, we want to set up a market share first.”

Chen said that the company’s 4s-shop would provide sales services, after-sale service and spare parts for their products with well trained technicians and engineers.

The first three buyers of the products would join the China group for a tour to the factory in China to know the standards of operation.

The 2010 model car has a five-star award security design from domestic and overseas outstanding technology.

According to the manufacturer, it has collision protective devices for the driver and other passengers of the vehicle.

The firm also says, Inspired by “snow leopard”, the Trumpchi GS5 adopts the design concept of light and shadow sculpture and creates leading trend temperament for city fashion.

“Double wishbone and multi-link suspension combination distinctly highlight the characteristics of accurate diversion, clear direction and steady control/operation, which satisfy with the spirit of conquering and challenging for the elite of the cities, presenting the wild nature of the SUV,” it notes.

According to an online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the first Trumpchi model to go into production was the Trumpchi Sedan, a four-door mid-size saloon car model based on the platform of the Alfa Romeo 166. It went into mass production in September 2010.

It states, “The first 500 Trumpchi Sedans produced were delivered to the organising committee of the 2010 Asian Games in October 2010. The Trumpchi Sedan was formally unveiled to the public at Auto Guangzhou in December 2010 and the public sales of the vehicle began in the same month.

“The Trumpchi GS5, a sport utility vehicle based on the same platform as the Trumpchi Sedan, was launched in March 2012.

Trumpchi made its first ever appearance at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2013.”

P.S. Must we be the first destination of every China products? Let’s support locally made items-it won’t kill us.

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