Commissioner Advises Parents, Students to Prioritise Sports

Written by Akeem Alao

A commissioner in the Federal Civil Service Commission, Mrs Iyabo Odulate has urged parents to encourage their children to participate in sports.

Odulate, representing Lagos and Ogun in the commission, made the appeal at the 41st Interhouse Sports of the Federal Government Girls’ College, Sagamu, Ogun State.

She explained that sports was part of education. She stressed that it had become a global money-spinning industry.

“Parents, who still live in the stone age, believe that sports is the last option for dullards. I want to advise such parents to desist from such thinking,” she said.

“Sporting activities have got much to do with religion as every religion believes in good health. This means every religion has embraced sporting activities,” she added.

Odulate described the Federal Government Girls’ College, Sagamu, as an institution that has produced lots of notable women in society.

“The products of this school have excelled in virtually every field of endeavour and they have taken girl-child education to an unparalleled level.”

She also enjoined the students to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship in whatever they engage in. She added that sports had become a rallying point, unifying factor and means of psycho-motor development.

The Principal of the college, Mrs Oluwatofunmi Akamo, stated that there was need to occasionally engage students in sporting activities to boost their physical and mental fitness.

“A sound mind needs a sound body and it is necessary for students to pass their examinations, she said.

“For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Education in line with the national policy on education ensures that the school organise sporting activities not only within the college but outside the zone.

“Recently, our girls participated at the just-concluded Federal Government Colleges Games and they won medals. As a result, it will not be wrong to say that it is only in sports that Nigerians speak with one voice,” she added.

Meanwhile, she appealed to parents and individuals to assist the school. She said the sports complex needs some renovation.

In addition, She canvassed for more trainers to harness the sporting skills of students of the college.


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