C&S Head Warns Kwara State against Use Hijab in Christian Schools

The Supreme Head of the Cherubim & Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria, Prophet Solomon Alao, has warned Kwara State government against its insistence on wearing of a hijab in Christian schools.

While issuing the warning on Friday April 2, 2021, Prophet Alao stated that insistence on the wearing of a hijab by Muslims in Christian schools and the continued closure of such schools could hinder the preparations of the students for WASSCE and other national examinations.

Alao therefore appealed to the Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq, to drop the idea of Muslims wearing Hijab in Christian schools in the state.

He called on the governor not to ignite religious crisis in the country with his decision to tamper with the dress code of Christian schools in the state.

The cleric, in a statement on Friday, noted that it was unfortunate that rather than preparing the students for WASSCE and other national examinations, students in the final year in the affected schools were being distracted with issues that were raised for reasons best known to those behind them.

He noted that the governor’s action could precipitate what Nigeria as a country would later regret and called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and make the governor see reasons why wearing a hijab should not be enforced in Christian schools.

“Nigeria is facing serious crisis threatening its corporate existence at this period and Kwara State should not add to it. President Muhammad Buhari as the Chief Security Officer of the country should intervene and make Governor AbdulRazaq see reasons why wearing of a hijab by female students should not be enforced in schools established by Christians.

“What should be paramount to the Kwara Government should be how to take practical steps to improve quality of education for better performance by the students not changing the dress code to pronounce religious beliefs of the students,” Prophet Alao said.

He added, “With the security situation in the country, why do we need to segregate Muslim students from others. We all know that members of the Boko Haram terrorist group are Muslims.

“Is it that the Kwara State Government wants to give out other female students that are not Muslims as easy targets for the bandits and terrorists groups?”

The cleric lamented that it is very unfortunate because “by making Muslim students dress in a particular manner from others is making us suspect sinister motives not yet known to the public”.

The Head of C & S Church worldwide said the Kwara State Governor as a Muslim has nothing to gain from forcing the tenet of his religion on others even when there are public schools in Ilorin established by Moslems.

He said, “Students that want to wear a hijab can go to Muslim secondary schools in the state. We want the governor to imagine a situation where other religious leaders in the state asked their adherents to dress in a manner to portray their religious sentiment to school. I mean a situation where we asked C & S members to wear their white garments to school, Orthodox churches ask their members to wear choir uniform or traditional worshippers go to school dressing like masquerades.”

Prophet Alao said it would be disastrous for the government to let the issue of dress code affect students in the missionary schools in their preparations for the coming Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) and other national examinations.

He said he was optimistic that Governor AbdulRazaq would review his stand on the matter and return to status quo ante and allow peace to reign in the Kwara State and Nigeria.

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