Edugist Student of the Week: Meet Adeyemi, the student publisher

Written by Elvis Boniface

Name: Adeyemi Paul Olalemi

Bio: Adeyemi Olalemi, born September 5, 1990, he’s an entrepreneur, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Ketu Breeze Newspaper, the first community newspaper in Ketu metropolis of Lagos.

Adeyemi Olalemi is a member of the University of Lagos, Press Club, and the President of Change Ambassadors Network (CAN)… an Initiative of Alumni Association of Comprehensive High School, Alapere.
Adeyemi Olalemi is also the Public Relation Officer of Activate Your Potential (ACTYPO), a youth empowerment organisation base in Lagos.
Adeyemi Olalemi is also a writer for Campus Life Section in The Nation Newspaper, he’s a brand manager, a blogger and a publisher.
He is the MD/CEO of Publivision Concept, a brand and media outfit, the publisher of Ketu Breeze newspaper

Institution: University of Lagos

Course of Study: Physics and Education

Phone: 07034485097


His proposed Solution to our declining state of Education: Make the Nigerian youths study what they love, let them study their passion. This will make them love what they read and will inevitably lead to academic excellence.

His Special Project: Ketu Breeze Newspaper: setting up a community Newspaper – Ketu Breeze, to educate, develop and liberate the people through information. The paper has continued to receive commendations from all and sundry.

Adeyemi, CEO, Publivision Group

Adeyemi, CEO, Publivision Group


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