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Encourage Student Participation Using Mobile Devices

Written by Elvis Boniface

While mobile devices for classrooms are gaining popularity, most classrooms are still a far from engaging students with mobile technology. Although lack of funding may be a factor to providing students with tablets to use in class, there are still great ways to include technology in the classroom, the student’s phones! When everyone in the class can use their phones, students can collaborate on project, participate in class discussions, and even take quizzes using their phone. For shy students, this can open a whole new world of classroom participation.

Promote Whole Classroom Discussions

With the use of software applications designed for the classroom, teachers can create a space for students to share their ideas without having to speak out in class. The teacher can ask a question, and direct students to write their responses on an online message board. This allows students to answer at the same time, and promotes more discussion among those students who may not otherwise participate. Teacher engagement is crucial and mobile devices can help enhance it.

Create a Class Quiz for Mobile Devices

Teachers can create quizzes to be taken on mobile devices, which makes it easy to keep track of which students have taken a quiz or those who haven’t. In addition, if the quiz is multiple choice, the quiz can be automatically graded right away. Students will know how well they are doing in the class as soon as the quiz is over. Teachers will be able to track the class, and establish what the grade curve was right away.

Students Can Work Collaboratively Online

With busy schedules, many students find it difficult to work collaboratively with other students on a group project outside of classroom hours. When you want to encourage group projects but have time constraints, technology can be used to allow students to collaborate. Students can upload documents or images to shared spaces such as Google drive or Dropbox, making it easy to share information and collaborate on group project. In addition, the teacher will be able to see the level of participation of each student by viewing the shared spaces.

Textbooks Can be Electronic

When students are provided with mobile devices in order to work more effectively in the classroom, this means that textbooks can also be electronic. Any information you want to share with your class as the teacher can be shared electronically, saving money on textbooks and other printed materials.

Students Can Ask Questions Anytime

Students will become more engaged in the classroom and the materials presented when they are able to ask questions without feeling embarrassed. When you can ask a question through a text message, you are more likely to ask the question than if you had to raise your hand. Some students lack the confidence to speak out in class.

Education is very important. When you want more students to participate in your classroom, it’s time to allow students to use their mobile devices in class. You will increase classroom participation, and encourage collaboration using mobile devices, leading to a better educational experience overall.

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