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First Class Diary: My Parents’ Failure in Business Challenged Me- EM

Written by Abigael Ibikunle

Hello everyone! I am particularly excited about this week’s series. My scholar for the week is Omonigho Edafe Michael. He is a writer. Edafe says His Parents’ Failure in Business Challenged him. Please, meet Edafe Michael, an Accountant from Mountain Top University.

In his words,

The University system usually provides students with only the theoretical knowledge relating to their course of study which improves their competence.

But fail to provide the practical aspect which impede on their performance level. And this in turn leads to inability to apply their knowledge in the real world in solving practical problems.


Abigael Ibikunle of Edugist: Please share with Edugist, a little about your background.

Edafe Michael: My name is Omonigho Edafe Michael from Delta State.  I am the second child among 6 children. A graduate of Accounting and Finance from Mountain Top University. And I graduated with a first-class degree of 4.73CGPA.

I attended Government Secondary School Karu, Junior Secondary School Jikwoyi. Amazing Love Education Centre for my Senior School, Junior School and Primary School accordingly.

Growing and developing into what I am today wasn’t an easy task. I experienced a lot of ups and downs. But the zeal to succeed kept me going.

Parent's failure in business challenged me

Edafe Michael

AI: Was there any motivating factor(s) that influenced your choice of discipline and institution?

EM: I won’t say that there was a motivating factor that influenced my choice of institution. But rather say that it was a divine plan for my life.

I applied to be a student in the University of Lagos but was unable to secure admission into the University.

However, I was admitted into Mountain Top University the same year I experienced disappointment in getting admission into UNILAG. God works in mysterious ways we humans can’t comprehend.

However, my decision to choose Accounting as a discipline was influenced by my zeal to help curb the rate of fraudulent practices.

Particularly those that has led to the fall of most companies, businesses and organizations.

More explicitly, studying Accounting was due to my parents’ failure in their business. This stirred up my interest in business and how it can succeed.

AI: There are two major skills that every student must possess: COMPETENCE and PERFORMANCE. While competence revolves around skill acquisition, performance is much more concerned about skills application.

It is believed that most graduates are competent because their academic performance testifies to this. But they are performance-challenged. This poor performance ipso facto hinders them from getting lucrative jobs in the labour market. What can you say about this assertion?

EM: The assertion of graduates not being able to secure lucrative jobs in the labor market is however true. This is because graduate competence is enhanced through theoretical knowledge.

Whereas performance is enhanced through practical knowledge. Most graduates are focused in the theoretical aspect of their respective courses.

And they don’t have the technical know-how when it comes to solving real practical problems. This has made a lot of graduates, unemployable.

AI: What do you think is responsible for competence without performance? Please suggest ways of improving the performance level of university students and graduates.

Parent's Failure in Business Challenged Me


EM: As said earlier, the competence of students is enhanced through theoretical knowledge and study.

However, the performance of students is enhanced through practical knowledge and experience.

I think the reason for competence without performance is poor practical knowledge or experience of graduates.

The University system usually provides students with only the theoretical knowledge relating to their course of study. And this improves their competence.

But fail to provide the practical aspect which impede on their performance level. And this in turn leads to inability to apply their knowledge in the real world in solving practical problems.

In order to solve this problem, I will suggest that practical programs and courses be undertaken by students in the University.

This will allow students grow their performance through application of their knowledge. A similar program is the SIWES program.

AI: Achievement in life transcends one’s personal efforts. There were people who, during your programme, rendered some assistance that made your dreams a reality. Who are specific persons whose contribution you can’t forget in your first-class feat?

EM: I enjoyed a lot of encouragement and support from my parents; Mr. and Mrs. Omonigho, who always helped me see the potentials in me.

I also received encouragements from my wonderful lecturers in the University; Dr. Akinwumi Taleatu, Dr. Onichabor Pius and Mr. Olatubosun Toafeek.

Their words of advice and guidance immensely affected and encouraged me in my first-class pursuit.

My story of being a scholar and the best in my class cannot be completed with mentioning the name of my daddies in the Lord.

Dr. D.K Olukoya, the G.O of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries and also the chancellor of Mountain Top University.

He was the one God used to motivate and train me spiritually, financially and intellectually. His life has been my motivation throughout my academic pursuit.


AI: As a first-class graduate, are you currently gainfully employed?

EM: Right now, I am a corp member currently serving in Federal Medical Centre, Owerri in Imo state. So, I won’t say am gainfully employed.

However, I am a writer and this helped me in catering for myself throughout my stay in the university. Through writing materials for my lecturer and it’s still helping me up to this time.


AI: Do you think your grades have or is giving you any major advantage over other graduates with lesser grades?

EM: Generally, I would say hard work pays. I received some awards after I finished as a first-class student; best in Accounting department, best in the College of Humanities Management and Social sciences (CHMS).

And yes, I would say my grades has given me some advantage over graduates with lesser grades.

AI: For students who aspire to graduate with outstanding grade like yours, what would you advise them?

EM: My advice to students who aspire to graduate with an excellent and outstanding grade like mine, is that they should remain focused and determined on their goals no matter the circumstances.

Focus and determination is the driving force for any achievement in life. There are a lot distraction facing students in the university.

And in order to avoid these distractions and remain focused, a student must apply what is called the ancient secrets of success.


The ancient secrets of success are:

  • Read while others are sleeping
  • Pray while others are playing;
  • Study while others playing.


AI: What would you advise the government to do to improve the standard of our education system?

EM: The government should increase the funds allocated to the educational system.

Provide adequate equipment and infrastructures that will foster the development of the students theoretical and practical knowledge.


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