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First Class Diary: Utilize this ICT Age Massively, Be Deliberate About Personal Development- CP

Be Deliberate
Written by Abigael Ibikunle

Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the weekly series. My scholar for the week is an amazing young champ. She is a beauty that commands respect.

How well do you utilize this ICT age? Why not try to be deliberate about personal development?

Please, meet Ezurike Chidubem Precious. I am sure by the time you’re through with the interview, you’ll thank me.

In her words,

We could find thousand reasons for competence without performance. However, the choice to have both is largely dependent on students. As an undergraduate, Chart your own course.

Utilize this ICT age massively, watch good documentaries, imbibe reading culture, read good books, virtually everything has been written somewhere.


Abigael Ibikunle of Edugist: Please share with Edugist, a little about your background.

Be Deliberate

Chidubem Precious

Chidubem Precious: My name is Ezurike Chidubem Precious, from Imo State. I am the first among six children. A graduate of University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria, where I studied Biology Education and graduated with first class.

I attended Federal College of Education (Technical), Asaba where I had my NCE. Demonstration Secondary School Eziagu, Anambra State. Eastern Academy Girls Secondary School and Standard Nursery/Primary School Ugwuagba Obosi, Onitsha, Anambra State accordingly.

I grew up in a business-oriented environment, and it was practically discouraging. However, the passion to succeed and encouragement cum support from my parents, though uneducated, kept me going.


AI: Was there any motivating factor(s) that influenced your choice of discipline and institution?

CP: Well, I wouldn’t really say there was, initially. After my NCE, I was set to go into the field of education to make a difference. Anyways, I’d prefer to say that both my course of study and institution were divinely orchestrated.


AI: There are two major skills that every student must possess: COMPETENCE and PERFORMANCE. While competence revolves around skill acquisition, performance is much more concerned about skills application. It is believed that most graduates are competent because their academic performance testifies to this.
But they are performance-challenged. This poor performance ipso facto hinders them from getting lucrative jobs in the labor market. What can you say about this assertion?

CP: Well the assertion might be true. This is because lots of students weren’t well informed and prepared for life after school.

They channeled all their energy to their academic books.

Majority studied just to pass exams, forgetting that life after school is centered on problem solving and not in good grades.

They ended up having the good grades. And weren’t equipped to perform outside the four walls of the school, thus making some graduates unemployable.

AI: What do you think is responsible for competence without performance? Please suggest ways of improving the performance level of university students and graduates.

CP: Well, it is glaring that school system is structured in such a way that much emphasis is placed on passing with good grades.

Some lecturers go as far as using the phrase; “Give me what I gave you back.” Most of them forget that it won’t help students to perform well in their various fields after school.

The system doesn’t give room to be equipped to “proffer solutions” to problems related to the field. Interestingly, this is what life after school entails.

We could find thousand reasons for competence without performance. However, the choice to have both is largely dependent on students.

As an undergraduate, Chart your own course. Utilize this ICT age massively, watch good documentaries, imbibe reading culture, read good books, virtually everything has been written somewhere.

Be open minded, minimize the time spent in frivolities, go for internships, it’s impact can’t be over emphasized. Be deliberate about personal development!

Be Deliberate

Chidubem Precious

We may not be able to change the system till we get there. But we can always beat it by getting equipped with the right knowledge and attitude to perform.


AI: Achievement in life transcends ones personal effort. There were people who, during your program, rendered some assistance that made your dreams a reality. Who are specific persons whose contribution you cant forget in your first-class feat?

CP: My profound gratitude goes firstly to my parents Mr & Mrs Augustine Ezurike. They are the real MVPs. Also, to my Siblings, My friends particularly (Sophia, Chinasa and Gold). My Lecturers that encouraged and impacted me positively.

ACM, SUCF and many others who contributed in one way or the other to my success. A million thanks to you all. You guys should trust me when I say my gratitude knows no bounds.

AI: As a first-class graduate, are you currently gainfully employed?

CP: Yes, I’m currently working with a British School in Festac Town, Lagos State.


AI: Do you think your grades have or is giving you any major advantage over other graduates with lesser grades?

CP: Yes! The truth is that success is attractive. Several opportunities I have had after school were made easier because of the grade. Also, it gives me an edge even in jobs and scholarship applications.


AI: For students who aspire to graduate with outstanding grades like yours, what would you advise them?

CP: Firstly, I would like to commend those students and also assure them that it’s a good aspiration. I would advise them to believe that they can, and that no matter the challenge at the moment, it is achievable.

My advice would also be to remain focus and work hard. I would also like to add that they should study as if their success depends on studying and pray as if their success depends on praying.

Finally, they should trust in the Lord with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding. In all their ways, they should acknowledge the Lord and He shall direct their path.


AI: What would you advise the government to do to improve the standard of our education system?

CP: I would advise that the official curriculum be made to be more pragmatic in nature. It should be drafted in such a way that there would be room for students to perform.

Also, more funds should be allocated to the Educational system in the country. Schools should be equipped with adequate infrastructures and equipment in order to make learning more pragmatic.

Be Deliberate

AI: Any other thing you would like to share?

CP: Yes, I would like to encourage all students out there to “keep on keeping on”. Know your WHY and be deliberate about achieving it. Trust me, the journey won’t be rosy but keep pursuing your dreams passionately.

As much as you can, volunteer in areas relevant to your field of study during holidays. Be determined and focus. Trust God, work hard and watch the universe work in your favor.


Thats it for this week’s episode. I hope you enjoyed the interview. Are you or do you know a scholar you would love to be featured? Would you like to sponsor any of our scholars you find their stories inspiring? Want to contact any of them for engagements? Please reach out to me directly: or call me directly +2347035835612.


A quick one from me to you this season, please stay safe. Keep personal hygiene and avoid social gathering if you can.

I am Abigael Ibikunle and celebrating excellence is a top priority for me. iTeach, iSpeak, iTrain, iFacilitate, iWrite, iInterview and iLoveYou all. Smile! See you next week!


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