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Five Opinions about Teamwork and Why it Matters in Education

Written by Elvis Boniface

A skill we learn as a child is the ability to play together, and the need for this skill does not fade away as we get older. In fact, we stick to this skill as it becomes vitally necessary at various stages of our life. From school to college to the workplace, we are taught to be team players because together we are stronger and can tackle problems efficiently.

Teamwork is the glue that keeps the team together. From scoring a goal to solving a crossword puzzle target appears much more achievable when you have someone by your side. Great teams have the strength to go beyond and deliver much more than the total of their parts when everyone works collectively.

According to Andrew Carnegie, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a shared vision. The ability to direct personal achievements toward organizational goals. It is the fuel that empowers common people to attain uncommon results”.

Working as a team can brew great results, however, it is hard to get a group of individuals to work together toward a common goal. The difference in opinions or personal grudges restricts individuals from coming together as a team. Teamwork has the potential to underpin so much of what is helpful at work.

If still not convinced, then here are five opinions about teamwork that will change your perspective about teamwork.

Teamwork Motivates Unity

A teamwork environment offers people a chance from different backgrounds to get familiar with each other that creates a positive vibe and fosterers’ friendship and loyalty. Where there is loyalty, there is trust and trust leads to better relationships.

If we can raise the level of unity and teamwork, there is no doubt we can improve the commitment and can achieve great things as a team. From the sidelines, we can inspire others to keep going, work harder, overcome the obstacles, and continue until they reach their goals.

Teamwork plays a crucial role in bringing different characters with different ideas together to achieve a common goal leaving all the personal grudges, egos and differences behind.

Team adds up to the list of ideas

A teamwork environment allows innovative ideas to flourish and also makes sure that the idea is well planned and executed. When more than one mind comes together to accomplish a task, it creates room for creativity, prospects, possibilities, and ideas of thoughts.

For example, your teacher asks you to assignment writing task, and you need ideas to start with. When stuck in such situations, you can always consider asking for help from your friends. Ask them to throw original ideas and figure out if those will work. With your friends by your side, even the most grueling task will seem easier. Moreover, you will be able to wrap up your work quickly and in the best way possible.

A team environment allows the team members to sit, discuss and work on various ideas that will help them achieve success. Sharing thoughts and ideas means faster decision-making. Moreover, when a team works together, it helps them to shed their inhibitions as well. With the creation of different ideas, it helps individuals to grow individually and holistically.

Increased Learning opportunities

Working as a team enables us to learn from one another’s mistakes while making sure we do not repeat the same mistake yet again. You learn new things and concepts from people around you that adds up to your knowledge and skills.

Similarly, in the office environment, individuals can learn skills from their colleagues, discover fresh ideas and therefore can go with more practical suggestions and solutions towards the task at hand. This active engagement creates future connections, encouragement and innovative ability leading to successful completion of projects.

When you have a number of people trained in various areas working collectively, it is easy to distribute the tasks according to the strengths and interests of each person, thus making sure that everyone is happy and learning something new each day.

Interpersonal skills

Working in a team casts you in a confident and social individual who is comfortable in his own skin. You sit in people, you socialize, you get along better with people, and all this makes you less shy around people.  

You learn to accept criticism without taking it personally and try harder to bounce back with better results. You develop an ability that helps you realize your weakness and strengths. Once you get comfortable, you share your views and opinions openly without fear of criticism and trust me not everyone can do that.

Regular team activities and exercises, on the other hand, makes you more affable and out-going. It is very useful skill.

Motivates Workplace Synergy

Teamwork is all about grouping up together and trying to achieve impossible goals that give a greater sense of accomplishment once done. Teamwork allows the team members to get together to communicate and collaborate to produce combined effects greater than the sum of their separate effects. The result builds a workplace setting based on trust, respect, fellowship, support, and cooperation

Just like Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”.When team members are aware of their own responsibilities and roles, as well as the significance of their output being relied upon by the rest of their team, team members will be driven to share the same vision, values, and goals.

Without an effective team environment, the success of the organization is delayed, the ability to solve a problem is reduced, as well as the ability to meet goals and objectives is hampered. However, when you work as a time, any such problems can be tackled without breaking a sweat.

Author Bio: Saun is a career counsellor and help students make better decisions while going to choose course to be done or career to be chosen. Currently he is working with paperdoers. He has helped several students in choosing better course.

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