This Ghanian American Graduates in few Weeks but her Story will Inspire You

Written by Elvis Boniface

Diana Wilson will graduate from the University of Virginia in few weeks as a scholarship beneficiary of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and she already has job at Google. Her story will just but inspire you.

Here her:

I was born in Newark, New Jersey to a single mother. As a first generation Ghanaian American college student I will graduate from the University of Virginia earning a Dual Bachelors degree in Sociology & Women Gender Studies, yet I will have $0 in student loans/debt! I attended UVA with a full scholarship from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and have over a hundred thousand dollars in other scholarships. Due to my passion for understanding the global sphere, I traveled to 11 countries within 4 continents for free through my scholarships. My travels span from South Africa to France. I will be starting full time at Google. I have completed prestigious programs with Goldman Sachs,Bank of America,Morgan Stanley,PwC,Accenture,McKinsey & Company, and J.P. Morgan. Beyond my leadership and community service, I have won the Future of Ghana 30 Under 30 Award, Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar Award, The Coca-Cola Company Scholarship, McKinsey’s Woman Impact Award, etc. Through the opportunities I had in college, I created Yielding Accomplished African Women to provide other women with these experiences. Our NGO is Ghana’s first finance & technology talent accelerator for women. All glory goes to Jesus Christ and my Ghanaian roots & fervor.  






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