Honesty, the Education that Revives Morality

Written by Akeem Alao

“There is no way Innovation can thrive in an environment peopled by those who are morally changed” – Elvis Boniface.

“Honesty, coupled with truth and justice, is the only solution to moral decline” – Mr Ladun Craig.


This week’s edition of Education Dialogue anchored by Elvis Boniface centred on the role of education in the revival of moral decline in our society.

In his introduction, the foremost educationist, Elvis Boniface, maintained that the cardinal goal of education is teaching of ethics and character.

Below is the summary of today’s discussion with our special guest, Mr Ladun Craig, who is a retired Human Resources Consultant with over 35 years’ experience in human resources, radio training, customer services and advertising.

The presenter: The focus has always been on technology, Innovation and science, to the detriment of morality. We have identified decline in morality. We are not sure we are right, holding such opinion.

The Guest: Of course, there is a moral question in our society. However, the question of morality is a spiritual one. The focus of today’s youth has changed. As reflected in their songs they sing, it is all about how to make money. There is unfettered freedom. One thing is essential to know – morality is the scaffold upon which societies are built. All the three major religions teach morality. No religion supports immorality. The same thing applies to other religions being practised in other countries. When we talk of morality, the identifiable one upon which the universal society is built, it is honesty.  That is why it is usually said, “honesty is best legacy”. After honesty is truth, and next to truth is justice. Other alternatives have been tried but all to no avail. Only honesty works at all times. Honesty is everlasting. Every religion preaches truth and seeks justice.

Presenter: Sir, let us look at the role of education in the revival of Moral decline.

Guest: First, let us ask a question, who is delivering the education? Obviously, you cannot give what you do not have. In the days of old, teachers were employed under the ministry of education. There was usually a due process before engaging the services of a teacher.  There was adequate training, prompt payment of teachers’ salary.  In addition, education was standard, especially during the days of Awolowo, the man who used the legal instruments for social engineering. He believed that before education could take place, the minds had to be elevated and taken away from their culture to open them to receive. The mind is very important. Before we educate our youth, we have to identify what is in their minds. It might be difficult to educate a mind that is already exposed to immorality, injustice and dishonesty. The minds of the youth have to be reformed.

So the recruitment process and welfare of teachers have to be taken care of before  education can revive moral decline.

Presenter: Sir, we should also note that the family plays a major role in this revival of moral decline. What is the family implanting in the minds of the children?

Guest: If the family adheres strictly to what their religion teaches, such a family will remain an agent of morality. According to the Bible, the wife is under the leadership of her husband. Morality begins from a family that allows the husband to rule.

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Akeem Alao trained as a language teacher. He graduated from Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education where he studied English/Yoruba Languages and Ekiti State University where he obtained a degree in English Education.

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