Kith and Kin Nursery & Primary School Seminar Revolves around Teachers’ Personality on Pupils’ Academic Performance

Written by Akeem Alao

By Mrs. Ify Awoderu

Personality is the most complex of all the attributes:

  • Behaviour
  • Temperament
  •  Emotional
  • And mental which characterize a unique individual.

Teachers’ personality types

  • The sergeant Teacher
  • The parental Teacher
  • The Aloof Teacher
  • The Reluctant Teacher
  • The wizard Teacher                       
  • And The buddy teacher

The Sergeant Teacher

This teacher wants to see their pupils reach their full potential. Therefore, they take on a stricter authoritarian role which makes it difficult to form bonds with pupils. They need to exercise patience and empathy if they want pupils to view them as mentors

The Parental Teacher

They are passionate about teaching and are able to form trusting bonds with their pupils. They have strong nurturing instinct, and they genuinely want their pupils to succeed and are willing to invest a lot of time and energy into helping them. It can be easy for pupils to take advantage of them. This is where they need to exercise their authority. Easily burnt out, they need to learn to draw some emotional boundaries in order to keep doing their job well

The Aloof Teacher

They love their job, but they just do not want to coddle their pupils. They manage to strike a balance between patience and to gain their students respect. They make initiative to try and reform aspects of the system that they feel are not functioning well as they should be.

The Reluctant Teacher 

Teaching is not everyone’s first choice of career. There are plenty of teachers who have lost their passion along the way maybe because one or many students refused to listen to them. So they seem to have a withdrawn attitude. It may be difficult for them to go the extra mile to engage pupils with learning materials.

The Wizard Teacher

It seems they are born teachers. They are wizards at the jobs. They know how to command the attention of the room. They may not have any problem bending the rules from time to time if they think it will be benefixcial to their pupils.

The Buddy Teacher

They see themselves as friends to their students. Students tend to love them because they can relate to them ,while some teachers enforce a power structure in their classroom. They need to remind themselves that even if pupils love them, they need to show their authority every now and then.


What type of person makes the best teacher?

Thank you for reading.

Awoderu Ify teaches General Science @ Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School, Ibeshe Ikorodu Lagos

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