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Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School 2017 Literacy Day

Written by Akeem Alao

By Akeem Alao
There is a global palpable sense of curiosity and concern over the inability of many learners to read and write. According to an authentic report from UNESCO, over 1 billion adults are still living as illiterates. Following the shocking revelations over the years, awareness has been created to sensitise the general public that literacy is a skill everyone must possess. The awareness reaches out to people through the global celebration of literacy day. This year’s theme was “Literacy in a Digital World”. if adults don’t read, what motivates the young learners?
In the days of old, it was a herculean task for learners, even teachers, to access materials useful for their favourite subjects. Teachers described concepts without concrete illustrations. Teaching and learning in those days were a cumbersome task. Courtesy of the emergence of technology, teachers of nowadays, except for the indolent and unqualified ones, consider pedagogic activities a simple task. Learners have free accesses to information and materials that aid their learning. Despite the proliferation of materials on internet, learners’ attitude to reading was still notoriously terrible.
It is the responsibility of a school to ensure that every learner possesses this skill. The literacy Skill of a child is the benchmark for the assessment of a teacher’s efficiency, and it serves as a child’s performance measurement tool. Every teacher shoulders the enormous task of ensuring their learners possess literacy skill. Many schools have devised different means of teaching literacy skills. Periods such ERIC and PREP are dedicated for this purpose.
At Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School, the literacy skill of a child is our major concern. As the name implies, both READING and CREATIVE WRITING skills are given ultimate attention.

Pupils reading during the morning assembly

Pupils’ Creative Works

Some pupils were randomly selected across the classes to read on the assembly. the exercise was to test their reading ability. The essence of literacy day celebration, as well as the importance of reading was explained to the pupils. As young learners, this is all they need for a better academic life.
As teachers, let’s intensify efforts towards a significant improvement in the literacy skills of our learners. We shall receive our rewards here on EARTH.

Akeem Alao teaches English Studies @ Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School, Ikorodu Lagos.


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Akeem Alao

Akeem Alao trained as a language teacher. He graduated from Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education where he studied English/Yoruba Languages and Ekiti State University where he obtained a degree in English Education.

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