Lagos Schools Record High Turnout as Second Term Begins

Written by Akeem Alao

Schools in Lagos state have resumed for the second academic term. Unlike those days in schools when students used to avoid the first day of resumption, modern-day schools have implanted passion for learning into the minds of the learners. In most government-owned schools, the first day of resumption is for sanitation exercise, which mostly involves the students. Because of this, low turnouts are recorded; the students often avoid the general cleanliness. In private schools, things are always in order before resumption. Students are never part of the general cleanliness. Therefore, the students are happy to resume school since they know academic activities commence immediately.

Reports on Lagos Schools and Pupils’ Turnouts

At Future Kids Nursery and Primary School, Ikeja, Mrs Yetunde Famuwagun, a language instructor, stated that almost all the pupils, including the new ones were in school on the first day of resumption. In her statement, she said that it was a practice in the school for the pupils to resume immediately.

Mr Muhammed Mubarak, the head teacher of Sublime Nursery and Primary School, Iyana Ishasi Lagos, said that an appreciable number of pupils had resumed. “Not all the pupils have resumed. We are still expecting them. However, as usual, academic activities have already begun. I know they are coming.  We are only pleading with the parents to release them.” He further said, “One thing parents should note is that whatever that has been taught will not be revisited until the last week of the term during revision classes.”

Miss Obayemi, an Agricultural Science teacher at Prince Heirs’ College, Cardoso Street Mushin, Lagos, told edugist that the turnout of students in the school was fair. She said further that most students came to school with writing materials, knowing that academic activities begin on the first day of resumption.

similarly, at Kith and Kin Nursery and Primary School, the head teacher, Mr Oregbesan Julius, glorified God Almighty for the turnout of the pupils on the first day of resumption. “Despite the fact that it is a festive season, thinking that most pupils are still holidaying in different places, a larger percentage of them are in school,” he said. When asked if the pupils are usually engaged on the first of resumption, he responded in the affirmative.


He added, “Apart from the academic activities, we organize a kind of orientation programme for the pupils where the returning ones are reminded of the school’s core values and rules. And the new ones are sensitized to the core values and school’s rules.”

The converse was the case at Itire Primary, Itire Road Mushin Lagos. A teacher from the school, Mr Rasaq, stated that most of the pupils were not in the school on the first day of resumption. “Those pupils don’t usually want to be part of the general cleanliness on that first day of resumption. There is no big deal in what they are asked to do. Just like the house chores they do. They clean their classes; they arrange their chairs and tables. This is usually done under the supervision of the teachers,” he explained.


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