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Languages As It Applies to Humans

By Ojo Precious, OAU

Languages are integral part of human existence and at such, learning at least one language is extremely useful for an individual. Some factors however make the learning unique and useful.

Number of Speakers: It is very important to know the number of speakers of a language before you set your heart on learning it. Most people opt to learn languages spoken by the largest number of people.  Make a research on how many people speak the language as a second language which can be useful for global communication.

Geographical Region: This is where your goals and interests come to play. Do you plan to travel in one particular region for a while? If so, look into the languages commonly spoken there.

Career Opportunities: When choosing a language, look out for the versatility. Can you use it for both business and social contexts? Think of your current or future field as a student or business owner. Learn languages that will help your productivity career – wise.


Languages you can learn as a student

Mandarin Chinese: With over one billion mandarin Chinese speakers in the world, of course, it’s one of the most important languages to learn. Not to forget that most speakers are located within China.


Spanish: It has overly a large number of speakers.  Most Spanish speaking countries are located in South and Central America which is a great benefit for those working in America to learn.


French: Known as a language of love, it is actually an international and a diplomatic language for centuries. France is quite an economic power house and a popular travel destination which makes French a must – learn language.


German:  German is the most widely spoken language throughout Europe.  It is a funny language and surprisingly an easy language to learn.


As a student who desires something more in tourism and the likes, the above languages will be of help to learn.

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