Last Minute NEET Preparation Tips

Written by Abigael Ibikunle

Last Minute NEET Preparation Tips.

NEET is knocking at the door. Giving your best shot is important if you want to see your name in the merit list and get into the college of your choice.

We have summed up all the last minute NEET preparation tips to help you achieve the most in this critical time. Make sure you follow these tips very meticulously.

Get away from Social Media

Yes, this tip has been advised from day-1 of your preparation but now it is even more crucial to rigorously follow this. In order not to compromise on your dream of becoming a doctor, ensure you don’t waste the slightest seconds of last days of your preparation.

Social Media will not merely be a time waster but will also break your concentration. Utilize your mobiles and laptops for a better purpose like attempting NEET mock tests, practice NEET MCQs etc.

Some must avoid apps are-

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube(No Bing watching allowed), though can be used to watch lectures


Avoid New Topics

It is not the best time when you try your hands on something new. Instead of that, try to strengthen your strong topics. And eliminate your weak links by continuously working on them.

If you have a huge amount of syllabus left, then prioritize topics on the basis of their weightage to syllabus ratio. Then, focus on important topics only. But if that’s not the case, then do not take up anything new at the last minute.


Practice Mock Tests on Daily Basis

This is the most important things that you need to do in the last months before NEET. This step will help you gauge where you stand in your NEET preparation.

Also, it will help you realize your strengths and topics or sub-topics that require more work. So, ensure you choose a test series that not only provides you authentic enough NEET MCQs. But, one that also provide you with detailed analysis.

Some of the good online NEET test series that you can prefer are-

  • Darwin For NEET
  • NEET 2020
  • NEET Prep


Start Revising on Daily basis

You need to revise more than usual now. Start making flashcards to retain VVIMP points in a much better way. As per probabilities, the number of revisions you do is directly promotional to your score.


Thoroughly Go Through The Previous Years’ Papers

You will get firm about the exam pattern, if you practice previous years’ papers seriously. Aside practicing recent years’ papers, get busy with past 20 years NEET, AIIMS or AIPMT questions papers. This will increase your probability to score better.

So, these are some very important last minute preparation tips. They can help you provide extra edge above others. Apart from following these tips, get adequate rest and keep your cool in this crucial time of your life.

All the Best!


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