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Meet the Finalists of the First Student Venture Prize in Nigeria

Written by Elvis Boniface

Edugist, in partnership with Africa plus Partners in our quest to change the education narrative partnered to put together the first student venture prize in Nigeria, APP Student Venture Prize.

The APP Student Venture Prize is designed to empower advanced entrepreneurial ventures by Nigerian undergraduate students. Students whose ventures have identified a significant opportunity with potentials to provide solutions, equip them with the necessary skills and fund to help them accelerate and scale those solutions.

The competition which lasted for 6 weeks ended last month. Thirteen  finalists from a pool of over 3000 applicants across the country were selected to participate in one-week bootcamp training which will take place in Calabar from December 9th to 14th, 2019. The bootcamp is the final round of the competition, where the finalists will be exposed to series of business training and activities. After which they will get to pitch their ideas for the grand prize on the 14th of December, 2019.

Meet the finalists:

ThankGod Onwubuali 

Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

Business Idea: Smapp

Smapp is an AI powered school management app that helps parents track their child’s attendance and academic progress, parents get to receive notifications via sms and email about their child’s daily attendance and academic growth. With smapp parents get 100% involved in their child’s academic life.

On the other hand, Smapp also automates the school management process and takes away the burden on the shoulders of school administrators and teachers at an estimated 1% cost from the traditional management cost. Its mobile friendly, easy to use, secure and flexible.

Smapp also offers a centralized cloud base database for storing students academic records.

Peter Abosede

Federal University of Agriculture, Akure

Business Idea: Remopond

With demand for fishes estimated at 1.4 million metric tons annually and only half being met locally, aquaculture contributing only 0.2 million tons, the need to boost aquaculture locally is imperative. This can be made possible by removing the barriers that hinder the working class from participating in the industry. These would have contributed significantly to advancing the sector due to their population but are limited by factors such as lack of space or their primary occupation leaving them no time for fisheries.

RemoPond redefines fish farming of the Tech age. The innovation is a reservoir fish farm that enables the intensive farmer control most fish rearing operations remotely using IOT technology. Intensive fish farming entails maximum production per unit rearing area, control of production factors such as feed, quality of water and quality of stocked fingerlings. It also necessarily involves steady monitoring during the production cycle. This remote rearing will reduce human capital requirement thus, low cost of production.

RemoPond is a sustainable idea that seeks not to replace the conventional tank fish farming but to reach beyond its limitations through technological innovation. RemoPond bridges the gap by offering an innovative solution using Internet of Things (IOT), an automated fish feeding system, an automated water change system and a combination of Sensors and Webcams to monitor environmental conditions as well as keep an eye on the pond, all of which is integrated on a web platform, giving the user a full-fledged control of the Pond from anywhere. The solution will be integrated with its standard farm, equipped with all of the necessary facilities for innovative fish farming. Our customers subscribes by visiting our web platform, select the amount of fish to rear and time duration. We are then able to deliver to specification using our innovative system and technology with the best aquaculture practices. This innovation is borne out of the need to bridge the gap between the industry and potential investors to whom fisheries is a non-feasible venture due to several limitations.


Gods Gift Ayaowei

Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education, Bayelsa

Business Idea: De-Giftons


De-Giftons is a Unisex fashion design Brand that deals with classy international and locally made fashion accessories such as (Bowties, Lapel pins, Neck Ties and Pocket Fillers). we are into business to generate revenue and to make profits. In the next seven years, our vision is to be a world class brand name, thereby helping the Government to reduce unemployment in the country and giving our customers an edge in their appearance with our designs and concepts.

Oluwole Omojofodun

Federal University Of Technology, Akure

Business Idea: Lodge4me

Lodge4me is an online market place connecting students with hostels. On one side, the platform enables house owners to list their hostels and earn rental income. On the other side, lodge4me enables students to book accommodation from the listed hostels, saving them money, energy and valuable time. Catering to the ‘on demand accommodation industry’ Lodge4me is present in the Federal University of Technology, Akure, and with sustainable plan for expansion.

Adibe Nnanyelugo Pius 

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Business Idea: Tonguegasm

Tonguegasm is a food vending company that offers affordable, subscription based, nutritious and hygienic food to African students in different higher institutions of learning across Africa. Having identified food insecurity as one of the prominent problems in African Colleges, Tonguegasm will ensure the availability of a variety of balanced diet meals for students across African Colleges with registration being either online via our website/app or physically. The subscription packages will be within the monthly food budget of an average student, ensuring affordability. Special meal packages of same price will also be provided to students with health conditions such as Ulcers or Diabetes. Attention will also be given to student welfare via not just our exceptional customer service but especially our specialized ‘during-and-after’ sales services which are our blue ocean strategy. Some are:
T-Explore: free wifi will be provided for all Tonguegasm customers within the period of time they would be having their meals. And incentives will be given to promote their participation in partnered free online courses platforms like Udemy via our website/app. To help promote the growth of reading culture and personal self-development of our customers.
T-Hangout: a platform for Tonguegasm customers in all African Colleges where the company is established will be setup to enable our customers socialize with each other. Promoting unity in diversity and increasing access to different opportunities.
T-Guide: free or subsidized services via partnered agencies will be provided to students with depression and suicidal thoughts, to help tackle the increasing suicidal rates in African Campuses and the youth in particular.
Tonguegasm is devoted to providing quality, affordable services to students and with time, will be the topmost food vending company in African campuses.

Uchechukwu Emmanuel

Federal University of Technology

Business Idea: Green Energy Soluz (GES)

The dumping and littering of plastic waste in our environment specifically in Nigeria has drastically degraded sea life and has caused increased pollution there by leading to discomfort in the existence of mankind and sea life. I and my team are poised about solving this problem by innovatively applying technologically oriented solutions. We are into the recycling of plastic waste to usable products (e.g crude, diesel etc), more so we are adopting high technology in the production of dissolvable plastics (plastics that dissolve in water with no harmful effect) as this will help us to reduce the environmental pollution and restore sea life in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Muhammed Habibu Abdullahi

University of Maidugri

Business idea: eTrash2Cash

We consult, check and sell prescribed drugs, buy drug trash in an exchange from low income earners.

Kamorudeen Rasidat Adepeju

University of Ilorin

Business Idea: Oyopeju

A healthy environment, studies have shown that an environment that’s free of pest has been found to improve the quality of life of human, improves his health, makes him disease free and promotes his overall well-being.
After living in the College of health science hostel at Unilorin for a period of 5 years, over the years I discovered that majority of problem people complain year in year out was about bedbug,cockroaches, rats,termites and spiders. Meanwhile, most people did not know d way out of the endemic nature of the pest and they even had to move out of the hostel just because of these pest.
I set out with one goal and that’s to improve the quality of life of man, this goal led me into a research on insecticide and pesticide.
Insecticide are chemical compound that kills insect e.g flies, mosquitoes, bedbug, termite, spider e.t.c while  pesticides are chemical compound that kills pest such as earlier aforementioned including rats but it’s worthy of note that not all insect are pest and not all pest are insect.
I introduce an insecticide called OYOPEJU INSECTICIDE AND PESTICIDES which is targeted in eradicating insect and pest of public health importance not only in my hostel but for the benefit of the whole world.
The product contain mixtures of chemicals which include the organophosphate that are measured in the right quantity to the appropriate bottle.
Bottle contain spray gun to makes application of the insecticide easy.
The product is very very effective for bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes,flies, termites,scorpion and other pest. The bottle is subsequently packaged with stickers which bear the name of the insecticide and portray d intent of the insecticide.
This product is being marketed with the aid of social media like WhatsApp, house to house marketing and through referrals from clients.

Eleje Ejike Joel

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Business Idea: Pharmkonet

Pharmkonet is an online multi-vendor market place for pharmaceutical products and services. Our platform (website and mobile App) brings patients/clients, pharmacy stores, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies together for easy access to and, quick location of pharmaceutical products and services.

Ugochukwu Ben

Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Business Idea: BennyRides

BennyRides is an online platform that connects riders to bicycles, shows them where bicycles closest to them are parked, unlock the Bicycles by scanning the QR code and they pay a token for riding over a given period of time. BennyRide Ltd. A bicycle company that is into rental, selling and maintenance of bicycles.

Oke Princewill Omoyemi

Obafemi Awolowo University

Business Idea: NextHandle

At nexthandle, we are using the power of Artificial Intelligence combined with our unique business models to provide solutions to the way pre-owned gadgets(mobile devices) are being sold and bought in Africa. And whats more – We have introduced valued added services to make our platform the one stop platform for all your mobile needs. We source for devices from various channels including e-commerce returns, factory seconds from Original Equipment Manufacturers, partner companies and premium used devices from people.

We are working on our three online platforms (Mobile App, Web App and Website). The mobile app and web app uses different data sets which includes Quality Control tests, current market value assessment gotten from other selling platforms and a self-evaluation of physical attributes by the seller to determine the appropriate pricing of a device. Our Web App and Mobile App are focused on incentivizing people to give us their pre-owned devices while the website is focused on selling devices we have refurbished (repair as new with certified original parts).

Basically, when you opt into any of the two platforms, your mobile brand shows up automatically and we tell you how much you can cash in your device for. We then introduce some targeted questions to help with our machine learning algorithms which instantly determines the appropriate worth of your device at its current state.

Ikomense Jerome

University of Calabar

Business Idea: Bomo Dance Academy

Bomo Dance Academy mission is to eradicate youth unemployment in Africa and to enhance the healthiness of people in the society through dance, using New Technology in a comfortable and friendly environment.


About the author

Elvis Boniface

Ordained Evangelist of the Education Ministry. Learning is my lifestyle, credo and religion. On a mission to disrupt and redirect Africa's Education conversation using Technology and Media. We can do it. Open to discuss any Education initiative and idea. #peace

Speedy reach: +2348185787349 & elvis@edugist.org


  • It has been very wonderful meeting like minded entrepreneurs with different superb ideas coming from different parts of Nigeria. I like meeting people with different cultural backgrounds. Edugist team are wonderful

    I had fun during the aerobic session!

    My words of gratitude goes to Mr. Boniface
    Mr. Brownson
    Mrs. Abigel and the entire members

    APP Student Venture in addition!

  • This bootcamp experience has been AMAZING!!!. I never expected my business idea to be developed to the this extent within 1 week. And i never thought i would be receiving all the lecturers i have, for free. I mean, these are classes that people pay hundreds of thousands for!. And i got to get them for free. This is a really really great initiative that will give hope to the Nigerian youth. That will let them know that they don’t need to go abroad to be innovative or to blow. It can be done here, and there are platforms that will support you.

  • As one of the shortlisted finalist, it has been an extraordinary, Educating, exciting experience. I sincerely appreciate Africa Plus Partners and Edugist, Mr Elvis Boniface, Mr Brownson Etimbuk, miss Abigael and the Media crew, creating Value in the world, with vision like this the world will be in a better place.

  • I must confess this is amazing! From hearing that I was shortlisted to being in a plane of which have never been boarded before to staying for a week in Calabar to aerobics and exposure to wide view of entrepreneural classes , up to pitching our ideas to the great lions is still doing me wow! And I really appreciate #Appstudentprize2019 and edugist_NG for giving me this opportunity ,am highly grateful!

  • The APP student venture program has been really educative, eye opening and it is a great initiative that has been set up to empower student entrepreneurs to be able to scale their business ventures.

  • I am blessed to be a finalist. This has been Impactful and Transformational. I still can’t believe I am a part of this huge project. I am proud of being a Pioneer to this Initiative. God Bless Edugist.

  • I must say a big thank you to Mr. Elvis Boniface, Mr Brownson Etimbuk and Miss Abigael at Edugist for this opportunity. The past few days at the boot camp has been awesome. Met great and innovative undergraduate, learnt a lot about business startup and development, improved my communication, presentation, listening and speaking skills.

    For the first time I came to the city of Calabar, for the first time I spoke on radio to the people of Calabar, I had the opportunity of meeting the Commission for Trade and Ecommerce calabar, all because of Edugist, all because of APP student venture

  • This experience isn’t one I wouldn’t forget,this event has not just imparted my business but also my soul, as I would always reciprocate this love I have been given for free

  • Thanks to almighty God for the journey so far. It’s indeed a great privilege to be part of this, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

    It’s rare in this part of the world that entrepreneurs were encouraged, not to talk of ‘student entrepreneur’, but Edugist in Partnership with Africa Plus Partners(APP) took the risk, break through the barrier and in motion of changing the narratives.

    It was like a dream to me when I received a call from the Edugist team that I was shortlisted among 3,000+ applicants, I couldn’t contain the joy. From day one we have all received a first class treatment.

    A personal call and mentorship before the bootcamp, my flight from Lagos to Calabar paid for, three times nourishing meal paid for, a very conducive and serene 5star hostel(smile… You really have to see the Windsworth Hostel in Calabar) paid for, series of classes and other development program paid for, and so on…

    Apart from being a participant, I’ve learnt alot from the bootcamp. It is also an opportunity that I was nominated as the ‘Class Governor’ to lead fellow great minds. The bootcamp is an awesome experience. I felt that, I shouldn’t leave.

    I really cannot narrate all my experience here since day one. My roommate, Princewill from OAU was such a great entrepreneur and my other colleagues. This event is an eye opener, and a new narrative for this country.

    The APP Student venture prize is the next wave of new young and brilliant entrepreneurs.

    Oluwole Omojofodun
    CEO-Lodge4me Inc.

  • The bootcamp is a dream come through. I have had a lot of experience here at calabar starting by meeting new friends, learning new things about live and entrepreneurship. Since last week Sunday I came here I have been learning, relearning and unlearn the way forward about how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Thanks to God and Edugist who made it possible for me to here at this stage of my life. This is the best time to be young as a Nigerian and as an African. Words cannot be used to express all that have happened here in a space of one week. Edugist I confess that am going home 100% better than I came.

  • This is my best bootcamp experience so far! I thank the Almighty God for this opportunity and judicious use of it.
    Few days after the submissions of my applications I got a feedback on my application through a phone call and e-mail, I couldn’t contain the excitement.
    APP student ventures prize is doing a great job and have successfully groomed new set of entrepreneurs ready to disrupt the technology market space to the comestics industry. I am exicted to be part of this and making new connections of change makers.
    Thank you Edugist ,Windsworth hostel Calabar and African Plus Partners for making this a reality,

  • In one word “Mind-blowing”

    That is definitely more than a word (🤗).

    My experience so far has been more than mind blowing, eye opening and enlightening. The classes were filled with lot of premium content and business fact tailored to put a young student entrepreneur on the right track for success.

    Beyond the knowledge and my amazing time with the other rockstar finalists, Calabar has been a wonderful place to stay for a week. It’s a peaceful and neat environment And i would love to visit again to fully enjoy the richness of her culture and people.

    On behalf of my team back in OAU we say a very big thank you to the organizers Mr Elvis, Mr Brownson, Miss Abigail and the event sponsors and partners, APP VENTURES, WINDSWORTH HOSTEL, AND EDUGIST for the opportunity to not just have a dream but execute the dream.

  • This has been the best of experience I have ever gotten and with what I have learnt, doing business is now a lifestyle

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