Nigerian varsities compared to A’ levels overseas

For as much as some Nigerian universities are recognised and well known abroad, some others are reduced to A’ levels overseas.

Chief Executive Officer of Kiara Group, Mr Endi Ezengwa at a media chat with journalists in Abuja, regretted that some of the universities certificates are graded as A’ level over in the United Kingdom by the National Recognition Information Centre, Naric in Cheltenham.

Naric, Ezengwa described advises universities and employers on the rigour of lesser-known qualifications, rates most Nigerian universities to be at par with international A-levels

He said, “The comparability information supplied by UK NARIC is expected to assist candidates when applying for jobs or courses in the UK hence the Statement of comparability can be presented to employers or institutions as supporting information, together with candidates CVs or application forms, as confirmation of the comparable level of qualifications in the UK. This will enable potential employers or admitting institutions to make informed decisions about the suitability of candidates’ qualification(s) for the job or course for which they are applying”.

Students protesting, alway distraction.

Kiara Group which includes Kiara College, the CEO elucidated primarily trains health care workers and also people in other sectors; such as customer service, business administration, retail skills, Information Technology and child care. The college also supports teaching and learning in schools, gives counselling and guidance and other support services including adult literacy, adult numeracy and basic IT trainings.

He further revealed that the College is contracted and funded by the UK Skills Funding Agency to enhance the skills of their workforce. “Employability skills for the unemployed are also offered. The College is licensed by the UK Border Agency to recruit and train international students in the United Kingdom. They will use this opportunity to offer training primarily not only for health care managers but also managers from other sector skills mentioned above.

Aside that he said Nigerian graduates do go come with disciplines that are relevant to the need of employment in the labour market adding the universities themselves do not have link with the number of jobs available in a particular sector.

He said because of the falling standard of the country’s education, a good number of graduates cannot match up to the certificates they flaunt.

“In Nigeria, everybody must go to the university and you have lots of university graduates who are not employable. We are putting unnecessary emphasis on university degrees. A good plumber could earn more than a university professor in the UK. The plumber is trained in the technical college and is happy to be a plumber. Here everybody is running after university degrees. Government has to fundamentally develop a policy on education and be determined to provide the proper level of funding needed to execute the policy. The private sector should also be encouraged to play a key role”.

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