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Over 1,000 Gombe JSS 3 Students to Repeat Class

Over 1,000 Gombe JSS 3 Students to Repeat Class

Not less than 1,000 junior secondary school three students in Gombe have been asked to repeat the class for failing to pass a promotional assessment test in to senior secondary school one.

According to source, 37,774 students took the test. It was however gathered that the 1,006 were expected to repeat the process the next academic year.

An anonymous official of Gombe State Ministry of Education, informed that Governor Muhammadu Yahaya, said there was no room for automatic promotion. He however stressed that the only way out was for the candidates to pass the assessment and get government’s sponsorship.

“36,768 passed while 1006 didn’t pass and they have been asked to repeat the class. As for those students who passed, their parents have been mandated to collect their admission letters from their schools and report to the new schools. The students were also screened by their career guidance and counseling teachers.’’ He stated.

Governor Yahaya thus promised to pay the NECO fees of those who passed.


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