Poem after the Presidential Media chat: Shattered Dreams

Written by Elvis Boniface

The throbbing pulsating sound of the talking drum invites the people to the arena, the politicians are at it again; they beat the drum of false promises, and a people unwilling to learn a new dance, dance the dance of shattered dreams.

The broken gourd of our commonwealth spills the wine of our prosperity; the thieving political masters, spurn their yarn casting a spell, mesmerizing, and hypnotizing a people that love deceit more than truth. The people dance the dance of shattered dreams.

Shining cowries they generously share to the people, blinding them with deceitful charity that impoverish than make rich; they plunder the people’s treasures, wanton debauchery is the order of the day. The people dance the dance of shattered dreams.

When shall the people awaken from this reverie, it is déjà vu over and over again. They’ve raped our collective morality, like slave masters of old, they keep us in shackles of unfulfilled dreams; when shall Nigeria stop to dance the dance of shattered dreams?

This was just an inspiration after the presidential media chat yesterday, any reaction?


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