Pupils in this kaduna School Sits on the Floor to Learn: Right or Wrong

Written by Elvis Boniface

This is just pathetic.

In this school in Kaduna, L.G.E.A Primary School, Mahuta, near National Eye Center, Kaduna State pupils sit on the floor to learn. Someone who pleaded to remain anonymous call our attention to it.

This is a disgrace! It is a pox on the face of leadership at all levels in Kaduna State. Juxtapose the opulence our leaders live in and this dehumanizing reflection that this picture presents us and what you see is the definition of insanity. This is how much we value education in our country. No child deserves this insanity.

This is unacceptable and we are calling on the governor to intervene.

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  • Its so unfortunate. Innocent students can’t even get the basic necessity to remain in class. I trust Mallam Nasir and the present commissioner of education, if this should reach out to them and confirmed true, they will fixed it i no time. The present day government have zero tolerance to such a situation.

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