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Students’ Union: Voice of the Students

students union- voice
By Ojo Precious, OAU

Students’ Union: Voice of the Students!

Students’ union also called many other names is a student organisation present in many universities across the world. The students’ union is often accorded it’s own building on the campus dedicated to social, organizational activities, representation, and academic support of the membership.

In the same light, the students’ union of Obafemi Awolowo university is popularly addressed as “Great Ife students’ union”. It is the body of over thirty – five thousand students of the Nigerian university.  The union, as the voice of the students is known for defending students’ rights around Africa and ensuring provision of the likes of water, electricity, and so on.

Management of OAU in 2017, however, suspended the union’s activities on the argument that it had plunged the school into embarrassment following students’ incessant protests. Since then, the students’ union had lacked a body to engage the management on their behalf in the event of concerns over poor delivery of service.

The Great Ife students’ union has been reinstated recently with high hopes from both the students and school management in the output of duties since the election of the electoral committee.

So, in simple terms, NO to rigging during election, NO to cultism, and YES to peaceful election! Wishing everyone a hitch – free semester. Please stay safe!

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