The Bells Schools Student Representives Share Expectations with Elvis Boniface

Written by Akeem Alao

Presenter: You are all fully aware that presidential election is forthcoming. Therefore, what kind of leaders do you expect?
Sanni Tokunbo: First, Nigerians should elect the right person. They should not elect out of bribe. They should elect who they think is good for the country. A trusted, vibrant and selfless person should be elected. Nigerians should elect somebody who possesses the adequate knowledge of the country’s economy and can manage the economic situations in order to facilitate development in the country. Most importantly, Nigerians should elect someone who prioritises the interest of the masses.
Presenter: Thank very much. You have made very vital points. You enumerated some of the virtues of a leader you expect. You expect a leader who has a good knowledge of the country’s economy. Without the economy, development will be affected. Let me direct the second question to the Health Prefect. What is your definition of a new Nigeria?
Sanni Ife-Oluwa: My definition of a new Nigeria is a Nigeria that is united, a Nigeria that is peaceful, and the one with genuine civic values. It is not a Nigeria, which scares people away. A new Nigeria is the one that adequately provides me everything I need so that I will not think of travelling to another country for greener pastures. A secured Nigeria, which obeys the law and promotes justice. A Nigeria that is attractive to foreigners.
Presenter: Wow! That is lovely. I really love your description of a new Nigeria. Christien, what are the changes you desire to witness in the education sector and in the country’s economy?
Christien: I desire standard public schools with quality education and learning enhancing facilities. I desire to see standard technical and vocational schools across the nation. Besides, there should be free and compulsory basic education. Another change I would like to see in the education sector is the removal of the disparity between the type of education given to the rich and the poor. Children from both homes should have access to same quality education. I would like the country to invest so much in technology. Finally, the country’s economy should be restructured to cater to our academic needs.
Presenter: Thank you very much, Christien. You have spoken with an appreciable level of empathy. You are a private school student who desire to see standard public schools across the nation. Let me direct the next question to the head prefect. If you were to rule this country for 48 hours, what changes would you make?
Head Prefect: If I were the president of the country for 48 hours, I would focus my attention more on the education of the country. I believe that if I educate the masses, many ideals that can facilitate national development would come from them. My mass education policy would strengthen the country’s economy.
Presenter: Thank you. You people are all wonderful. I commend your thought processes. One thing I notice in all of you is that you speak very eloquently. Permit me to direct this question to the head boy. How has your school influenced this in you?
Head Boy: Our school takes adequate care of our education. Everything is put in place to facilitate understanding. Apart from this, in our school, students are exposed to other areas that can complete all the academic efforts made by the school. We are constantly drilled to become good public speakers. We are speaking eloquently here because of the training we have received at the school. The school has done this so that we can go beyond what it is expected of us students.
Presenter: This is awesome. It is my belief that listeners would love to identify with The Bells School. Your excellent performance is a reflection of the quality education provided at your school. This is exactly what parents out there desire to have for their children.
Now, I think all of you are aware of corruption in the country. Timi, how do you think this country can overcome corruption?
Timi: First, we must agree that the primary cause of corruption is greed. No leader is willing to sacrifice anything for the development of Nigeria. Our leaders are self-centred.
Presenter: What of the insecurity the country is currently experiencing?
Timi: Unemployment and lack of job security are the root cause of insecurity in Nigeria.
Presenter: Thank you, Timi. I will direct my next question to your school consultant, Mrs Oluwafemi Mobolaji. Ma’am, what is your contribution to today’s programme.
Mrs Mobolaji: Thank you, Mr Elvis. I want to commend the students for their contributions so far. The Bells School representatives are below age 18 but they have got a voice to air their expectations. They have come here to use their voice to express their expectations from the next president. They have equally successfully advised the eligible voters on what to expect from the country’s leaders. On this note, I want to say kudos to all the student representatives present here this evening.
Presenter: Thank you, Mrs Mobolaji.
My Last question is that if you are to recommend The Bells School to parents out there, what do you have to say?
First Representative (Bola): Well, I have a lot to say about my school. I model my school’s quality education services. My school has trained me in all aspects: academic, social, musical and athletic. We lack nothing in the school. Through an array of learning-enhancing activities, my school has been able to unleash the potential of every student. I have been exposed to many inter and intra school competitions.
Second Representative ( Sanni Ifeoluwa): I recommend the school anytime any day because of so many things. The school builds a total student. It teaches the students everything around them and even outside their territory. As we have come here to speak on the radio, the school has imparted the confidence.
Third Representative (Sanni Tokunbo): Of course, I have to recommend the school to all parents. The school motto says – learn, lead and live. The kind of training we receive in the school is not limited to academic. We are involved in other aspects that can guarantee us a happy life. We belong to various academic clubs in the school. Some students in Arts department are members of a science club. The school does not want us to limit ourselves to a particular field.
Fourth Representative (Timileyin): The Bell School is really a training ground. It is a school where students acquire the skills needed to defend themselves and stand up to express themselves anywhere they find themselves. It teaches the student to stand up for what they believe in. Every day at the school assembly, a student must address the teachers and his or her fellow students. Why this is done is to train us to become public speakers. Sometimes students are asked to give impromptu speeches, and the best speakers are awarded.
Fifth Representative (Christien): The Bells School is an excellent school that makes everything works. I want to use myself as an example. When I came to Nigeria from Cote D’Ivoire, it was difficult for me to speak English. Now I speak English fluently, courtesy of the quality services provided by The Bells School. This kind of experience is an excellent one.
Mrs Mobolaji: I want to sincerely appreciate Mr Elvis Boniface for the opportunity given us to feature on Education Dialogue programme on 100.5 Radio FM.


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