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The Best and Worst Impacts Of Social Media on Education

Written by Elvis Boniface

Social media do impact on education in different ways because students use social media for infotainment related purposes. Still it is significant to share the fact that there are some best and worst impacts of social media on the process of learning. For instance, learning is a never ending process and students tend to collect information from different sources. Within this scenario, inter and intra-personal communication by the means of social media and the circulation of information through the same becomes the focal point. Some among the best and worst impacts of social media are mentioned and briefed below.

The best:

*Social media can help students to learn the basics of communication beyond their private and public domains. A student who is in touch with social media unknowingly communicated with a global audience.

*Social media links the process of gaining access to information with the means of daily updates with entertainment and this help student to learn things easier and faster.  There is no one to force a student to learn something on social media because it is a public platform. In this way, learning becomes a comparatively easier task.

*Social media related study groups can improve the learning skills of an individual student and is a cheaper and convenient method. A student who is interested in literature can join any literary group on social media and express his or her literary creativity, collect and share information related to the same.

*Students those who have access to social media can be in touch with their educators who are interested in socialization and helping their students to learn new things. Even students can clear doubts by making general or private chat option.

*The most important impact of social media on modern education is that the same is utmost helpful to provide the student community with quality education. To be specific, education did go beyond the limits of mere examination and is entering the realm of online education. So, quality is considered as most important in the modern context and social media can be utilized in a positive manner to improve the quality of education by making public platform as a tool to enhance the process of teaching and learning.

The worst:

*Unlimited and unrestricted access to social media results in social media addiction among children. As children are expected to make use of social media for communication, socialization and infotainment purpose, addiction can backfire their performance within classroom environment. A social media addict totally ignores the real world and gets totally immersed in the virtual real world and this can result in social isolation.

* Keeping oneself active on social media for hours without any aim can result in poor eye sight and related problems among students. At the same time, this can affect the individual student’s education and related performance because long time exposure to computer or other innovative gadgets like smart phones can result in poor eye sight.

*A student who gets entrapped in different groups within social media, from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds gradually lost interest in studies. So, parents must be utmost cautious about this problem and must keep an eye on their children. Let them learn the basics of the usage of social media as a tool for socialization, communication, and infotainment. If not improper ways of socialization like being in touch with anti-social elements like criminal gangs can ruin the future of children in general.

*Unrestricted exposure to social media can result in poor educational performance in children. They consider public platforms as real world it can limit their proper socialization in the real world. When a person gets totally entrapped in the virtual world, other things become unimportant to an extent. When this fact is superimposed into the context of education, it is evident that poor academic performance of students and unrestricted exposure to social media are interconnected.

*Unrestricted exposure to social media results in behavioral change among students because there is high possibility for them to communicate with strangers. One can see that children who make use of social media may act as adults because they copy the behavioral traits and mannerisms of elders. If behavioral change is that much severe, counselling is essential to get rid of the same. In short, parents must realize that social media can be used for good and bad, limited access to the same can result in positive impact upon students and unlimited access to the same can result in negative impact that is all.

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