The Impact of the Right Education

Written by Elvis Boniface

Education must aim at creating honest truthful individuals out of every student. Only the right type of education can bring about unity and prosperity among all. So it is the duty of every school to provide an education that will help the next generation to show the responsibility of every sort, an education that will bring about the transition in attitude, approach and outlook.

The world is not meant for hate and malice, for revenge and destruction as we find today. Any one can be crucified by malicious-propaganda; lies can easily obtain promotions; pressure tactics can earn instant fame. We have to lift ourselves out of this narrow groove before it is too late. We should never forget the truth that when money speaks, selfishness and materialism rule, the soul becomes silent and suffers in silence.

Spiritual revival does not mean the total rejection of science and technology; true spirituality does not reject any new light. But no external device can bring about the spiritual unity, which is the essence of life itself.

Education sans spiritual content is the cause for the evils of society, today. If the conscience of a man is muddled, he can never think consciously and always think and speak ill of those people who refuse to be cajoled in to his view. Such people may have had better childhood experiences form their oft-quarreling, divorced, separated, step-parents or from immoral parents, brothers, relatives, neighbors and companions who must have lead them astray, abused, confused and drained them of all childhood happiness and spiritual values. Such a person’s mind will be perplexed and it best expresses itself in frustration, greed, selfishness, hatred, disorder, bitterness, violence, anger and an ever-present evil ugliness.

The spiritual erosion in the educational field as the by-product of a spiritual aridity that we see around it is sending dangerous signals to the future generations. Unquestioning attitude and acceptance to what ever the teacher says is not spirituality but submissiveness and servitude. Unless the teacher changes the recharges is inner being to uplift its spirituality, he can never pass on the values effectively to help his students to master their thoughts and actions.

We find that men of depraved and evilly selfish character pollute this beautiful earth with the dirt of malice and ill with misguiding all towards wickedness and gloom. But men of refined and virtuous character shine out like a beacon, to light up the whole world in spite of adverse circumstances, inspiring everyone through the darkness towards the right direction by their silent, refined and pious temperament.

Character is the foundation upon which rises the spiritual edifice of human personality. True character is never affected by any amount of evil propaganda and public opinion. It resurrects the crucifixion and silences all satanic forces surging towards glory of the Almighty, while its enemies group in the dark vainly searching for new avenues. As long as one is a slave of one’s senses talk about spirituality is a mockery.

The introduction and infiltration of western culture along with the adoption of western scientific techniques have indeed given a jolt to traditional life. In the present age, imitating the west has become the symbol of progress of the day. Hence the need for spirituality and value- based education to be incorporated in the school syllabus has attained currency.

Education must teach man the effect of sublime thinking. When right is wrong and wrong is right what would be the human plight? What is the use of such schools if the products become indifferent citizens, misguided leaders and selfish public figures?

Parents and teachers are the most powerful forces in the life of a child. There should be effective co-ordination among them to create a vibrant and useful learning climate. Otherwise, learning processes will fail to achieve its desired objectives. Hopefully, child-centre training and learning methods are being discussed and experimented everywhere. But unless selfish motivates are eradicated, the learning system cannot survive long to serve any purpose.

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