Too Sad: UNILAG Student dies in Fatal Auto Crash.. 2 Injured

Written by Elvis Boniface

Earlier today, 3 UNILAG students  were involved in a ghastly auto crash. The three students, Stephenie, Amarachi and Laura are of the departments of English Education and English respectively. Stephenie lost her dear life on the spot, Amarachi is in a critical condition while Laura sustain little bruise. The two survivals are currently receiving treatment at the Marinal General Hospital, Lagos.
The 3 of them are room mates in room 107 at their KOFO hall of residence in UNILAG.

Investigations reveals the sad incident happened around 1:30 am. The deceased, Adinde Odinaka Stephanie, a 200L student of English Education department,  was on her way to the faculty (Education) for overnight reading when she was excused by a man parked in front of her hostel. After a brief chat, she agreed to go out with him, but on one condition; in company of her friends,  Amarachi and Laura – she went back to the hostel to invite them.

Late Stephenie

Late Stephenie

I was informed  the accident occurred as a result of an argument between Stephanie and the man who they all went out with, while trying to touch some parts of her body in the car while coming back from the Island where they went to wine and dine.

Stephanie was said to be sitting in the front seat right beside the man who was driving, and she removed the seat-belt in the course of the argument, resisting the man from touching her body. The argument and struggle caused the sad incident.

May the Lord grant her soul a peaceful rest and lay healing hands on the survivals.

N.B: In this blog, I don’t post gossip or hearsay, I fully investigate occurrences before posting. Consequently, I shall be visiting the host either this evening or first thing in the morning to hear from the “horses mouth” (Amarachi and Laura.

Meanwhile UNILAG first semester exams continues.







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