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Top Reasons to Choose France for Higher Education

Written by Abigael Ibikunle

The higher education aspirants who want to have a foreign degree should stop thinking and start applying in France.

The Government of France has opened its borders for the international students since July 1st. So, without much ado, start exploring the options for higher education in France.

This article focuses mainly on the aspects that confirms your decision to study in France was the right thing to do. Read on.


World Ranking Universities

There is a plethora of courses like the STEM, Management, Fashion, Culinary Arts, Architecture and many more which are taught in English.

This makes it convenient for international students. These courses are offered by a list of universities in France for International students.

Under the world’s top ranking universities, there are nearly 30+ French Universities that have bagged the position in that list.

Competitive Education Fees

The education fees to study in France are much lower compared to other countries. The tuition fees for international students start from €2770 for Bachelors, €3770 for Masters annually.

While for PhDs, the fees start from as low as €380 per year to match it with the Europeans.


Student Friendly Country

Students are welcomed to France with open arms. The entire country has a whole lot to offer.

These range from natural beauty, culture, open-minded life-style to museums, events, arts and performance, university student support programs and activities.

Affordable Cost Of Living

The expenses towards day to day life are the biggest concern while studying in a foreign land. But surprisingly that is not the case in France.

A person can sustain with maximum expense of €20 on an average. Such person will still enjoy a meal in Mc Donald’s, a restaurant meal and travel around.

A Unique Experience of Food, Life and Arts

France needs no description when it comes to food. It is the best country for culinary art – the art of cooking and hotel – restaurant management.

Life is beautiful and full of art and music in France. Numerous arts show and music shows are a part of life there.

Quality of Life in France

Being from another country can be a matter of concern. There are questions and confusions to adjust yourself into the new frame of a foreign land.

However, in France, you will find many international students which will automatically make you feel comfortable.

The local students and people around would encourage you to be involved in gatherings and festivities around as well. That way, you do not feel left out.

Get French

To learn a new language just for the sake of migration can be effort taking. Interestingly, learning when you are amidst them becomes less tougher and more interesting.

French is the third international language used for trade and commerce. The locals speak French mostly, which will enhance your French skills to its epitome.


Innovatively deep in Research

France known as the Powerhouse invests heavily into research and innovations. In research and development investments, France is ranked 6th worldwide.

This ranking covers aerospace, scientific and technical activities, IT and computer services and automotive industry.

Part Time and After Studies Work Opportunities

You can work while you are studying by taking part-time jobs to learn new skills. Also, you can interact with people around.

Moreover, you can work for 1 to 2 years after completion of your study depending on your visa policies.

This international exposure will develop your professional skills by utilizing your theoretical skills. It will create a global platform for your career.

Isn’t this country the best for overseas education? It is indeed.

Hope this article was informative. Keep looking out for this space for more of such articles on overseas education destinations.

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