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Typical Resumption Periods Amongst Nigerian Students

Resumption is one of the most anticipated, yet unprepared period for most Nigerian students. It is anticipated because students get eager to return back to school, see their friends and also get away from the house chores and drama. Resumption is however mostly unprepared for because students get caught unaware. They are more excited about leaving the house than starting a new chapter depending on the academic calendar.

While we can say that most students do not even know what is ahead of them as they prepare for resumption, some try their best to prepare in their own little and funky way.

Let us see few ways to prepare for resumption at different levels

  •  Understand the peculiarity of your new class, level and what commitments are required of you.
  • Reach out to those who have walked the way before and let them share their experiences with you
  • Be prepared to learn even as you unlearn and relearn. It is important to be open minded and expectant.
  • Journaling your current state, progress and total experience
  • Set up a new goal for the new chapter-term, session, semester as the case may be.
  • Give yourself a time frame for new goals.
  • Prepare to have fun even as you explore new discoveries and learnings.

I hope these tips help!

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