Using Kaduna as Example, Is Nigeria Set for a National School Feeding Programme?

Written by Elvis Boniface

Today Kaduna state Commissioner for Education, Dr. Shehu Adamu, has revealed that the Kaduna that government was disturbed over the primary school pupils’ habit of leaving schools immediately after eating the free meal offered them, under the guise of going to drink water.

He appealed to parents to ensure that children remain in school after taking their free meals, so as not to jeopardise the programme. He stressed that the programme was introduced to encourage school enrolment, attendance and retention, to acquire education and better their lives.

Just few days ago, vendors were complaining of delay in paying them supplying food under the programme. And I know this programme will be costing the N1.8billion annually. The commissioner debunked this claim, he said they had been directed to open account with Heritage Bank through which they would be getting their payments.

This brings me to the perturbing question, is Nigeria set for a Nation school feeding programm?


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