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We are Back!

Written by Elvis Boniface

As our readers would have noticed, we were on editorial hiatus for the past few weeks. Not for personal reasons but to give our readers a better experience in accessing education news that are both accurate and  timely.

For us at Edugist, the mission remains unaltered, it is covering Education in Nigeria. Our public education system is in crisis:

1. Less than half of our students cannot read or do math at SSCE level;

2. 43% of adults cannot read or write;

3. There are 109 pupils for every satisfactory Nigerian primary school classroom;

4. Kidnapping in school is on a new high;

5. 41% of primary school teachers are not qualified.

And on and on…

Yet the education debate is dominated by misinformation and political spin.

Our mission is to lead an honest, fact-based conversation about how to give the Nigerian child and adults the education they deserve.

Our stories will be backed by investigation, expertise and experience. It is possible to challenge the status quo, expose educational corruption and inequality, and champion the heroes who bring positive change to our schools.

We appreciate every one that reached out to inquire if all was well, all was and is well with us all, we were only working at giving us all a better platform and here we are. A better design, more team members and undying commitment to drive an education conversation using media and technology.

New backers on the trail, full time focus. Please join us in driving a new educational conversation.

About the author

Elvis Boniface

Ordained Evangelist of the Education Ministry. Learning is my lifestyle, credo and religion. On a mission to disrupt and redirect Africa's Education conversation using Technology and Media. We can do it. Open to discuss any Education initiative and idea. #peace

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