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11 inmates in Enugu custodial centre graduate from NOUN

Additionally, a matriculation ceremony was held in Enugu, where 50 new students were welcomed.
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Eleven inmates from the Enugu Custodial Special Study Centre have successfully completed their studies at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) during the 2022/2023 Academic Year. Additionally, a matriculation ceremony was held in Enugu, where 50 new students were welcomed.

During the 12th Convocation and Matriculation Ceremony, the Controller of Corrections in Enugu State, Nicholas Obiakor, delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of the inmates’ education being reflected in their actions. Obiakor, represented by Assistant Controller of Corrections James Abonyi, expressed gratitude to the Controller General (CG) of Corrections, Haliru Nababa, for providing an educational platform and conducive environment for the inmates’ rehabilitation.

He highlighted that achieving educational milestones is highly valued by inmates and emphasised that the educational opportunities provided come at no cost to them. Obiakor commended the transformation of the correctional center into a place of exceptional reformation, facilitated by the CG, and acknowledged the support of non-governmental organisations, foundations, and individuals who have contributed to the inmates’ education.

Addressing the graduating students, the Vice-Chancellor of NOUN, Prof. Olufemi Peters, delivered certificates to the graduates and congratulated them for choosing a path that guarantees their future in society. He emphasized that the Federal Government, through NOUN, offers a unique opportunity for inmates to pursue academic degrees up to the doctoral level without any financial burden.

In his address, Deputy Controller of Corrections (DCC) Kelvin Iloafonsi acknowledged the students’ achievements, recognizing the significance of gaining admission into NOUN while incarcerated. He urged the matriculating students to abstain from social vices such as cultism, robbery, kidnapping, fraud, and other illicit activities that can jeopardize their bright future after regaining their freedom.

The event also saw expressions of gratitude towards the CG of Corrections for establishing an educational reformation platform for inmates, as well as appreciation for the Vice-Chancellor of NOUN for approving special study centers and enabling tuition-free academic pursuits. The Isaac Blessing Foundation, CAPIO, and partnering NGOs were recognized for their support, along with the Enugu NOUN Centre Director, Prof. Alexander Onyia, and the National Coordinator for All Special Study Centres, Modupe Adesina. Special thanks were extended to the Correctional Service Special Study Centre Director, Francis Enobore, for his guidance and assistance.

Eze Utama, one of the graduates, expressed gratitude to the federal government, the CG of Corrections, Mr. Nababa, and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peters for providing them with free education and showing a special interest in their rehabilitation.

The event included the administration of an oath to the matriculating students by Prof. Onyia, represented by Matthew Egede, as well as the cutting of the convocation and matriculation cake, and cultural displays.

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