2021-2022 Session: Expectations from Students to Excel Academically

Dear students,

The long break has come and gone. Glad to know that you are all prepared to resume for 2021-2022 academic activities on Monday September 13, 2021.

Trust you enjoyed the break. Good!

The teachers enjoyed some rest at home because we had no reason to pursue anyone or look around for pens and rulers for you to write. For about five weeks, we did not scrawl over illegible notes. We did not report those defaulters among you and question those who perambulate the school’s premises.

Noble students, we are glad to welcome you back to school. 😃 We must confess that we have missed you guys greatly. We are fervently praying for the early arrival of Monday when we shall meet, shake hands, hug each other and wish each other a happy resumption.

You are also glad to return to school because home might be a bit boring. The programmes on GOtv, Netflix, Startimes, etc are becoming so pedestrian due to parental restrictions on access to some “interesting” channels.🤦‍♀

The purpose of this message is to inform you that we are all set to receive you all. We are glad to inform you that the school exists because of you. So, to cater to all your academic needs, various programmes have been planned for you. Rest assured that there will be noticeable, significant academic improvements.

But you too have got vital roles to play. It is pertinent to note that your teachers’ efforts alone might not bring desired results. Your efforts have to complement theirs. You may begin to wonder how you’re going to make contributions to complement their efforts. It is a simple task to execute!🙏

We can’t afford to receive the same complaints from your parents. All you need do is to adhere strictly to the following.

▪️Always ask questions when the teacher’s explanations are unclear to you. You don’t need to wait till the end of the lesson before your question is thrown to the teacher.

▪️Don’t remain passive in the class. Participate actively.

▪️Make sure you always copy the correct information projected on the board. Omission of letters or words could impede learning. Some of you who habitually copy wrong information from the board frustrate the teacher’s efforts and render them incompetent.

▪️More importantly, whenever you are given homework, you must make sure you do it yourself and submit as and when due. Don’t rely on your lesson teachers or parents. When you do that, it shows you don’t understand the concept taught in the class. You should be able to attempt any work given to you.

▪️Cultivate reading habits. Readers are leaders. Only the ardent readers perform excellently in their studies. The hours you spend vegetating in front of your TV or playing games are sufficient to study most of your notes. Failure to cultivate reading habits may cause academic failure.

One thing you have to know is that it is also very important that you complement your parents’ efforts. In these frightening economic realities, it will be heartless of you to frustrate their efforts.

While they labour to provide you a quality education and try to perform other parental obligations, you’re expected to be good children by paying more attention to your studies. By so doing, you will excel in your studies.

Lastly, attitude is everything. Exhibit good behaviour at all times. The key is mutual respect. Don’t disregard or disrespect your teachers. Politely relate with your schoolmates. Respect is reciprocal!

I pray God grant you both physical and intellectual strengths to perform excellently.

Happy Resumption!

Akeem Alao teaches at Landmark College, Ikorodu Lagos.


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Akeem Alao

Akeem Alao trained as a language teacher. He graduated from Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education where he studied English/Yoruba Languages and Ekiti State University where he obtained a degree in English Education.

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