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260 Students Graduate from Seyi Adisa Leadership Training Initiative

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Not less than 260 students from all the 17 secondary schools in Afijio state constituency, Oyo State have graduated from the second batch of a free John Maxwell Youth leadership programme.

The programme tagged “iLead” is one of the developmental agenda of the Seyi Adisa Development Initiative, SADI.

It was founded by the lawmaker representing Afijio state constituency in the Oyo State house of Assembly, Seyi Adisa.

The beneficiaries were tutored through 16 values of leadership in eight weeks intensive training period, anchored by certified John Maxwell’s leadership experts for 560 secondary school students in Afijio, Oyo town.

The convener, Seyi Adisa said the initiative was to build disciplined, value based and impactful young generation to become better leaders.

Adisa who said the initiative had been successfully tested in Mexico, Paraguay and other South American countries with similar social vices and challenges like Nigeria, noted that leadership must reflect good character and quality values.

“They’ve been able to identify that they are leaders and there are certain values they need to inculcate in their way of life, so that in the choices they make, taking up responsibilities, they would have positive attitudes, self discipline, self worth, forgiveness. These are all examples of values that are important to human life and these are all the values they’ve all gone through.

He urged the younger generation to be role models in their leadership style and show other people the proper way of leading.

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