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31 Students out of 1,444 Graduates Bag Distinction at Kogi Poly

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Not less than thirty-one students out of 1,444 graduates have bagged distinctions at Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja.

This was unveiled in the approved 2021/2022 results

The Rector of the Polytechnic, Dr. Salisu Ogbo Usman, who presided over the Academic Board meeting, expressed delight with the students’ performances.

Usman attributed the academic excellence the to the policy impacts of the management under his leadership.

Some of those impactful policies, according to him, are streamlined student admission processes, control and stringent measures against unethical practices such as extortion/forceful imposition of substandard textbooks on students by some dissident staff, and stringent measures against examination misconduct.

Other policy impacts include the provision of up-to-date standard textbooks in the Library, return of the students to the on-campus residence after over five years of residing off-campus (due to successful renovation of hostels), recruitment of new members of academic staff and prompt release of results to keep students abreast of their performance.

In addition, the introduction of Computer Based Test (CBT) in the examination of General Studies courses and e-results computation, among others, have also yielded the desired impact on student’s performance.

The Rector appreciated the staff for their overall commitment to the discharge of their duties. He also specially thanked the Chairman and Members of the Governing Council for their support.

The Rector paid tributes to His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello for his non-interference policy in the internal governance of the Institution and the gracious implementation of the cash-backing of the staff salary dated back to the year 2014 as part of the motivation for the dedicated staff, and which played a part in the current attainment.

He appreciated the Deputy Rector and Deans who constituted the Central Results Verification Committee for the meticulous scrutiny of the students’ results in line with the quality assurance measures put in place by the Management.

The Rector further stated that he was satisfied that “the thinning policy of his administration in the last two (2) years was fast yielding positive results earlier than expected.”

He further urged staff and students to sustain the academic feat for more excellent achievements.

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