4 Ways to Invest Your Time Wisely

The industrious man, the lazy man, both have 24hours in a day. The difference is the effectively utilization of every second therein. Our ability to invest in our time, wisely is very key. This is because once lost, it cannot be retrieve. As students, teachers, and educators, appropriate investment in time is a major determinant in outputs. When we fail to draw the line between play and work, we pay for it negatively. Following is four proven ways to invest in your time wisely.


1. Be Organized

By prioritizing what is most important to you.

By thinking ahead: setting aside or eliminating nonessential tasks, which do little more than consume time and energy.

Simplify your life: learn to say no to things that are unimportant or that do little more than consume time.

2. Avoid Time Stealers

Procrastination and indecision: Procrastination is a thief of both time and productivity. A farmer who waits until conditions are perfect may never sow seed or reap his harvest. Similarly, we could allow life’s uncertainties to make us indecisive. Or we may feel that we have to wait until we have every scrap of relevant information before making a decision. But the reality is that many decisions involved some uncertainties.
Perfectionism: A perfectionist would likely shudder at the thought of failure, an attitude that would impede hi progress. How much better to be modest in our expectations! The modest and humble do not take themselves too seriously and can usually laugh at themselves.

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3. Be Balanced and Realistic

Balance work and recreation.
Do not scrimp on sleep: Sleep is a sound investment on time because it aids in concentration and consolidates memories, thus fostering learning. Sleep deprivation, however impedes learning and contributes to accidents, errors, and irritability.

4. Be Guided by Good Values

Consider your value: Your values enable you to gauge what is good, important, and worthwhile. If your life was an arrow, your values would aim that arrow.
Make love your foremost value: We cannot be truly happy and emotionally secure without love, especially within the family. People, who disregard that fact, perhaps giving priority to the pursuit of riches or a career, actually invest in unhappiness.
Set aside time to address your spiritual need (depending on your religion): Mathew 5:3, Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need. Are you willing to set aside a little time to address your spiritual need? To be sure, no other investment will give you the wisdom to make the most, not of just each day, but of your life as a whole.

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