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4 ways to meaningful and productive reading

Reading takes a continuous process. When you read, you learn. You do not just read because others are reading, you read with passion.
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According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, reading refers to “the process of interpreting the written languages”. Reading takes a continuous process. When you read, you learn. You do not just read because others are reading, you read with passion.

Many students read as if their lives depend on reading. Their mindset is that their education will be jeopardised if they fail to read. If there is a second thing they must do after they have read, that must be reading again.

Truly, you would at some point get tired of reading. You will feel your neck hurt, your eyes itch, your empty stomach empty will beat the drum of help, every muscle in your body will ache and you will look haggard.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. That’s if you do not stop.

Be in the know that just like every other thing in life, reading also has its logic. You don’t just read anytime, anyhow, and anywhere, you read with passion and dedication.

Here are four ways to guide on how to read meaningfully and productively:

1. Discovery

Nobody knows you better than yourself. The first hint is to discover who you really are. When can you read to decipher the content you are consuming? Where do you read? You really need to identify the place where you can read.

if you are the type that uses the library or you care to read in a noisy environment. All you need to do is to discover what you’re and who you’re.

2. Time management

How far can you read without dilapidating the building you have built. In everything we do, how we plan our time is of most significance. You don’t look at somebody else because you are yourself.

Set your own time. If night class is not for you, read during the day. Just don’t forget to read each passing day.

3. Good nutrition

Food is an essential part of us. It is one of the reasons we still live. So, if you must masticate anything, you have to eat nutritiously.

4. Exercise regularly

Our body needs to keep on balancing. You need to stay healthy for you to be able to carry out the activities on campus.

The most important aspect in achieving the feats we have all set for ourselves is prayer. Prayer is the sword to fight all battles and the solution against all hurdles in life.

By: Dauda Musbau

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