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49 casualties as school bus  flips over

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Authorities in Orange County in New York say at least one person was killed and not less than 48 children were wounded when a bus carrying students to a band camp event flipped over.

According to Daniel Minerva, vice-president of operations and COO of Empress EMS, which was involved in the reaction, three pupils were critically injured, CNN reported on Thursday.

Minerva stated the victim who died was thrown out of the vehicle but did not elaborate.

A spokesman for Farmingdale High School in Long Island confirmed to CNN that the bus was taking students to a music event for band camp.

According to the school, the bus was going to Greeley, Pennsylvania.

“We were informed that there had been an accident with Bus 1 en route to Greeley, PA, for band camp,” Farmingdale High School spokesperson Jake Mendlinger told CNN.

Mendlinger added, “Police and emergency responders are on the scene, as well as district administration.”

In a statement by the Farmingdale School District issued Thursday afternoon, the bus was one of six travelling to a band camp event in Pennsylvania.

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