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55-year-old Woman Emerges Winner of Adult Literacy Quiz Contest

55-year-old Woman Emerges Winner of Adult Literacy Quiz Contest

Two women, one of which is 55, have won the top prizes of the 2020 Adult Literacy quiz competition, organised by the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium recently.

This is a deviation from the status quo which has witnessed the competition dominated by men.

One of the women, Mrs. Aminat Jankalewa won the English category of the competition, while the other, Mrs. Elizabeth Olayemi won the Yoruba category.

They were both rewarded with generators for their efforts.

The winners appreciated the Lagos State Government for providing a platform for adult literacy which they described as a second chance.

“This competition gives learning opportunities to adults like me who have opened up their minds to the possibility of learning. Why? I am 55 years old and I dropped out of school in JSS 2. I could not finish my secondary education. When I learnt about this programme for adults, I realised that it is never too late to be learned.  The competition has exposed me to knowledge beyond my expectations.” Mrs. Jankalewa informed.

Winner of the Yoruba category, Mrs. Olayemi, said the journey was not easy. However, as an adult still interested in learning, she had learnt to be exceptional in class work or any assignment she was given.

“To be here today and win has been a journey for knowledge and to change the life I wanted for myself. Encouragement such as this goes a long way in helping adults like me grow interest in learning.”

“That the Lagos State government held such quiz contest shows that they believe that education should not be limited and I am so happy that adults are not limited. We are being motivated and instructed correctly and this competition has shown how effective learning could be in adult life,” she said.

Aderinsola Ganiyat and Yetunde Ayantude emerged second and third placed winners in the English category. While Moses Abiodun won second place in the Yoruba category. They were rewarded with table top gas cookers and cylinders.

The facilitators and the rest of the 20 contestants also got table top cookers as consolation prizes.

Permanent Secretary, Office of the Special Adviser on Education (OSAE), Mr. Waheed Kasali, reiterated the importance of adult literacy to the state’s development plan.

“For us in Lagos State, it is about the smart city. To get to that smart city status, everybody must appear smart and the only way to do that is the ability to read and write. In Lagos, learning is very key. That is why we have EKO NKE KOO, (Lagos is Learning) and the only way one can survive in a mega city is the ability to communicate. And you can only communicate no matter your age, if you can read or write,” he said.

Director of the agency, Mrs. Oluwakemi Kalesanwo, encouraged adults who could not read and write to take advantage of the agency’s 772 centres to learn for free on the tabs of the Lagos State government.

“Over the years the agency has been conducting this competition. We have about 772 centres in the state – the ones the government established, and we have partnerships with various agencies for others. We go round the state sensitising and mobilising them, that is how we get learners and adults see this as a second chance.

“Today’s programme showcases our best student participants in the area of general studies in Yoruba and English language. And we have put in effort as educators to appreciate their sacrifice to learning. Because it is not easy being an adult and still be interested in learning. So, we put together this quiz competition to inform them that we see them making sacrifices for education,’’ she said.


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