6 Ways to Improve Your Grades

By Ojo Precious, OAU

As students of different prestigious schools, there is always a goal to make good grades whether a below average student, an average student and even the brilliant ones. When students find themselves academically underperforming, they feel sad, become depressed while some even commit suicide. Unfortunately, suicide should never be an option.

There are few ways to improve your grades. This article list six(6) and I hope it goes a long in helping out:

Adopt a positive mental attitude: In the face of lower-than-expected grades, it is only human to react by feeling disappointed with oneself and feel like giving up. The first step on the road to improve your grades is to turn this negativity on its head. You need to be positive about the situation and start by mentally taking control by believing you can do better and failure won’t defeat you.


Work out where you are falling short: You need to work out which areas need targeting before you can draw up a plan of action. Take a look at your grades over the last few months and find patterns that caused low grades. It’s like working on your weaknesses.


Pay more attention in class: Relieve yourself of any distraction while in class, listen up and speak up by asking questions when you don’t understand. Be bold to overcome your fears.

Start organizing your life: Clutter of any kind inhibits our ability to operate efficiently and another way is to get organized. Keep your workspace tidy including your notes and textbooks in such a way things will be easier to reach. Time management is an important key in this too.

Find the right learning style for you: If you are academically underperforming, another way is to try to understand what works for you. Whether it is night reading, day reading, tutorials or classes only, find what suits you and work with it.

Work with brilliant students: Surround yourself with academic achievers in your classes, form study groups, meet your classmates who are good in a certain subject you don’t understand. Get past questions, research, study materials to help you grow.

With this few points in action, things will surely become different.

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