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8 Tips to Becoming a SAT Tutor

8 Tips to Becoming a SAT Tutor

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about how to tutor students and earn cash simultaneously, am I right? Yes? That’s great!

Being a tutor is rewarding on its own. Tutoring students that want to prepare for SAT is another experience entirely. This qualifies you to be part of the students’ success story. The best part is, if you are a great SAT tutor, you get more referrals and that means more money, and more lives being touched.

Let us look at some tips on how you can become a successful SAT tutor. Are you ready for this journey? Read on.


1) Be Qualified

It is wrong to assume that because you are older than the student, it means you know more about the test than s/he does. You do not want to end up being embarrassed by such a student. Make sure you have the know-how to tutor students for the SAT. You can take a SAT pre-test; these tests are available online and are in popular SAT study guides. Also, you can choose to take the extra effort to become a certified expert as a SAT tutor- this is especially good for tutors who have no prior knowledge about SAT.

Your university qualification does not matter in getting the certificate. What matters is the knowledge you have that makes you qualified to teach others SAT. It would be bad if your student asks a question on SAT and you are unable to answer it. What is worse is, if a student misses a question, you would not know why the question was wrong because you do not know it.


2) Be Up-to-date as a SAT Tutor

Be up-to-date if you want to tutor students on SAT. You might have taken your SAT about 4 years ago; you cannot use the knowledge of 4 years back to understand the SAT.

Ensure you check their website for the latest updates so you would not mislead students and cause them to fail. Keep in mind that the SAT has changed a bit over the years so you need to be abreast of new information.

If you are current with information about the SAT, you will know that there is a new version of SAT. So, you do not continue to teach your students irrelevant topics.

By a new version, I mean the examination has changed and has new updates. Some of which are; some skill areas are gone, the sentence correction and sentence completions in reading and writing are gone from the exam entirely. The math section now focuses little on statistics to mention a few.


3) Study the Test and Its Format

Being a good SAT tutor means you know everything there is to know about SAT. If you wish to become a SAT tutor, then have an understanding of the basics of the SAT.

You should know the duration; sections and how many questions are in each section. Study the SAT, learn the format, look for patterns in the SAT questions. Note that, SAT is a standardized test so there is only one undisputable right answer.

It would be very easy for your student to know if your knowledge about SAT is vague. Hence, you need to take time to familiarize yourself with the SAT if you want to become a successful tutor.

The best materials to study are the official test materials. With this, you will have full insight into what your students are to expect during the SAT.

You need to score points higher than your student. You’d not want to feel incompetent by scoring lower than your student.


 4) Motivate Your Students

It is easier to motivate one’s self than it is to motivate another person. Knowing this, it can be a bit challenging to motivate your SAT students to put in the effort needed to get the needed score on the SAT.

Motivate your students to practice for the SAT as this is a vital factor in getting the needed score. Most students would not put in the extra effort needed if they do not know the benefits they will get. Explain to your students what they stand to benefit from getting a higher score in the SAT.


5) Set a Score Goal

Once it has been established that the tutoring classes would commence, and you know the score your students’ university wants, it is time to set a score goal.

Setting a score goal helps to keep both the tutor and students in check. It is not all Universities that ask for 1900 in the SAT, setting a realistic score goal will help you have something tangible to work towards.

However, some students need high scores in certain sections of the SAT so you might need to focus on those areas. Ensure the score goal you set meets the requirements set by the Universities.


6) Work with a Schedule

It is not enough to only motivate or set a score goal, you would need to draw a timetable or a schedule for your tutorial classes.

This is important because it helps the students stay on track and it will help curb procrastination. Without a schedule, students can easily fall behind and lose sight of the goal. As a tutor, you have to strictly follow the schedule.


7) Give Home works

For the SAT, it is safe to say, practice makes perfect. With adequate practice, your students can get perfect scores.

It is not enough to just keep tutoring; you need to give your students time to study on their own. What better way is there to do that than to give homework? When the homework is submitted, go over the corrections with the student so that s/he can know why they were wrong on certain questions.

Giving home works will also help you identify your students’ topics of strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, they will always get more on topics that are their strengths and get less on their weaknesses.


8) Be Visible as a SAT Tutor

There is a professional look that having a business card gives tutors. More respect will be given to you as a SAT tutor if you have a business card. Give out your business card to people whenever they ask about your profession. Who knows? They might have a cousin or nephew who wants to write SAT. You can also leave a couple of cards at stores that have many customers or you can slip your card into the SAT preparation books in some libraries.

Social media is the new trend, set up a social media account for your tutoring business. Post on your WhatsApp status, your Instagram story, and also tell your friends to help advertise your service. To get students, you can give a discount to the first 10 students who register for SAT tutoring class with you.


What are you waiting for? Go and become the best SAT tutor ever!



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